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Favored Classe's for Monsters


:NOTE: Any creature with an intelligence score of 2 or lower or no intelligence at all, then it is classed as an awakened being for playing purposes. Also the awaken affects all non-sentient creatures, including animals, plants, oozes, most constructs and some undead as if under the awaken spell on page 177 of the Players Handbook.

*: This monster is classed as "Awakened". Whenever it is next to bold letters, this means the entire group of monsters is classed as Awakened.NOTE: Any templates that have been added to a creature with a favored class, if the template has a favored class, it overides the original favored class.


Aboleth: Psion

Achaierai: Fighter

Allip: Necromancer

*Animated Object (any): Any

*Ankheg: Barbarian

Aranea: Rogue

Arrowhawk (any): Ranger

*Assassin Vine: Rogue

Athach: Barbarian

Azer: FighterBarghest

-Barghest: Rogue

-Greater Barghest: Fighter

*Basilisk: Sorceror

Behir: Fighter

Beholder: Sorceror and Wizard

Belker: Fighter

Blink Dog: Ranger

Bodak: Sorceror

Bugbear: Rogue

*Bulette: Barbarian

*Carrion Crawler: RogueCelestial

-Lantern Archon: Cleric

-Hound Archon: Paladin

-Avoral: Ranger

-Ghaele: Cleric

-Trumpet Archon: Bard

-Astral Deva: Cleric and Paladin

-Planetar: Paladin

-Solars: Barbarian and Paladin

Centaur: Ranger

Chaos Beast: Sorceror

Chimera: Sorceror

Choker: Rogue

Chuul: Barbarian

Cloaker: Illusionist

*Cockatrice: Sorceror

Couatl: Paladin

*Darkmantle: Ranger

Delver: RangerDemon

-Drecth: Fighter

-Quasit: Rogue

-Succubus: Bard and Sorceror

-Bebilith: Barbarian

-*Retriever: Ranger

-Vrock: Rogue

-Hezrou: Divinator

-Glabrezu: Sorceror

-Nalfeshnee: Barbarian

-Mariliths: Sorceror

-Balor: Evoker

Destrachan: Evoker


-*Lemure: Fighter

-Imp: Rogue

-Osyluth: Fighter

-Kyton: Monk

-Hellcat: Ranger

-Barbazu: Fighter

-Erinyes: Bard or Illusionist

-Hamatula: Ranger

-Cornugon: Fighter

-Gelugon: Conjurer

-Pit Fiend: Conjurer

Devourer: Sorceror

*Digester: Ranger


-Deinonychus: Ranger

-Elasmosaurus: Druid

-Megaraptor: Barbarian

-Triceratops: Druid

-Tyrannosaurus: Barbarian

*Dire Animal

-Rat: Rogue

-Weasal: Rogue

-Badger: Druid

-Bat: Ranger

-Ape: Fighter

-Wolverine: Barbarian

-Wolf: Ranger

-Boar: Barbarian

-Lion: Fighter

-Bear: Barbarian

-Tiger: Fighter

-Shark: Ranger

Displacer Beast: Rogue

Doppelganger: Rogue

Dragon (any)

-Red Dragon: Sorceror

-Blue Dragon: Evoker

-Green Dragon: Ranger

-Black Dragon: Rogue

-White Dragon: Barbarian

-Brass Dragon: Bard

-Bronze Dragon: Sorceror

-Copper Dragon: Rogue

-Gold Dragon: Abjurer

-Silver Dragon: Paladin

Dragon Turtle: Wizard

Dragonne: Sorceror

Drider: Sorceror

Dryad: Druid


-Hill Dwarf: Fighter

-Deep Dwarf: Fighter

-Derro: Barbarian

-Duergar: Monk

-Mountain Dwarf: Paladin

Elemental (any)

-Air: Bard

-Earth: Fighter

-Fire: Sorceror

-Water: Cleric


-High Elf: Wizard

-Aquatic Elf: Abjurer

-Drow: Rogue

-Gray Elf: Monk

-Wild Elf: Barbarian

-Wood Elf: Druid

Ethereal Filcher: Rogue

Ethereal Marauder: Barbarian

Ettercap: Sorceror

Ettin: Barbarian


-Worker: Fighter

-Warrior: Fighter

-Taskmaster: Enchanter

-Myrmarchs: Wizard

-Queen: Divinator

Frost Worm: Ranger


-Shrieker: Druid

-Violet Fungus: Druid

Gargoyle: Rogue


-Janni: Conjurer

-Dijinni: Conjurer

-Efreeti: Sorceror


-Ghoul: Rogue

-Ghast: Rogue


-Hill: Barbarian

-Stone: Fighter

-Frost: Cleric

-Fire: Cleric

-Cloud: Sorceror

-Storm: Sorceror

Giant Eagle: Ranger

Giant Owl: Druid

Gibbering Mouther: Sorceror

Girallon: Barbarian

Gnoll: Ranger


-Rock Gnome: Illusionist

-Svirfneblin: Sorceror

-Forest Gnome: Druid

Goblin: Rogue


-Flesh: Barbarian

-Clay: Fighter

-Stone: Fighter

-Iron: Paladin

*Gorgon: Fighter

Gray Render: Barbarian

Grick: Rogue

Griffon: Ranger

Grimlock: Barbarian


-Sea Hag: Sorceror

-Annis: Sorceror

-Green Hag: Enchanter

Half-Elf: Any (Half-Elves can be found in the Players Handbook)


-Lightfoot: Rogue

-Tallfellow: Ranger

-Deep Halfling: Fighter

Half-Orc: Barbarian (Half-Orcs can be found in the Players Handbook)

Harpy: Bard

Hell Hound: Ranger

Hippogriff: Ranger

Hobgoblin: Fighter

Homonculus: Wizard

Howler: Ranger

Human: Any (Humans can be found in the Players Handbook)

Hydra (any)

-Lernaean Hydra: Barbarian

-Pyrohydra: Sorceror

-Cryohydra: Fighter

Invisible Stalker: Ranger

Kobold: Sorceror

Kraken: Wizard

Krenshar: Ranger

Kuo-Toa: Rogue

Lamia: Sorceror

Lammasu: Paladin

Lillend: Bard

Lizardfolk: Druid

Locathah: Barbarian

Magmin: Rogue

Manticore: Fighter

Medusa: Transmuter


-Air Mephit: Bard

-Dust Mephit: Wizard

-Earth Mephit: Fighter

-Fire Mephit: Sorceror

-Ice Mephit: Monk

-Magma Mephit: Barbarian

-Ooze Mephit: Druid

-Salt Mephit: Rogue

-Steam Mephit: Ranger

-Water Mephit: Cleric

Merfolk: Bard

Mimic: Rogue

Mind Flayer: Psion

Minotaur: Barbarian

Mohrg: Necromancer

Mummy: Necromancer


-Water Naga: Druid

-Spirit Naga: Necromancer

-Dark Naga: Sorceror

-Guardian Naga: Cleric

Night Hag: Sorceror

Nightmare: Fighter


-Nightwing: Ranger

-Nightwalker: Sorceror

-Nightcrawler: Barbarian

Nymph: Druid


-Ogre: Barbarian

-Ogre Mage: Wizard


-Gray Ooze: Fighter

-Gelatinous Cube: Sorceror

-Ochre Jelly: Monk

-Black Pudding: Barbarian

Orc: Barbarian

Otyugh: Barbarian

Owlbear: Barbarian

Pegasus: Paladin

*Phantom Fungus: Druid

Phase Spider: Rogue

Phasm: Bard


-Aasimar: Paladin

-Tiefling: Rogue

Pseudodragon: Sorceror

*Purple Worm: Barbarian

Rakshasa: Wizard

Rast: Sorceror

Ravid: Cleric

Remorhaz: Barbarian

*Roc: Ranger

Roper: Fighter

*Rust Monster: Fighter

Sahuagin: Ranger


-Flamebrother: Any

-Average Salamander: Fighter

-Noble Salamander: Fighter

Satyr: Bard

Sea Lion: Barbarian

Shadow: Sorceror

Shadow Mastiff: Ranger

Shambling Mound: Druid

*Shield Guardian: Paladin

Shocker Lizard: Sorceror

*Skeleton (any): Fighter

Skum: Ranger


-Red Slaad: Barbarian

-Blue Slaad: Barbarian

-Green Slaad: Sorceror

-Gray Slaad: Wizard

-Death Slaad: Rogue

Spectre: Rogue


-Androsphinx: Fighter

-Criosphinx: Rogue

-Gynosphinx: Sorceror

-Hieracosphinx: Barbarian

*Spider Eater: Barbarian


-Grig: Bard

-Nixie: Druid

-Pixie: Bard

*Strige: Rogue

Tendriculos: Druid

Thoqqua: Sorceror

Titan: Cleric

Tojanida: Ranger

Treant: Druid

Triton: Ranger

Troglodyte: Cleric

Troll: Barbarian

Umberhulk: Barbarian

Unicorn: Paladin

Vampire Spawn: Any

Vargouille: Sorceror

Wight: Necromancer

Will-O'-Wisp: Bard

Winter Wolf: Fighter

Worg: Fighter

Wraith: Necromancer

Wyvern: Barbarian

Xill: Cleric

Xorn (any): Barbarian

Yeth Hound: Ranger

Yrthak: Ranger


-Pureblood: Ranger

-Halfblood: Ranger

-Abomination: Cleric

Zombie (any): Fighter


-Ape: Fighter

-Baboon: Monk

-Badger: Druid

-Bat: Ranger

-Bear (any): Barbarian

-Bison: Barbarian

-Boar: Fighter

-Camel: Ranger

-Cat: Rogue

-Cheetah: Ranger

-Crocodile: Sorceror

-Dog (any): Any

-Donkey: Rogue

-Eagle: Ranger

-Elephant: Abjurer

-Hawk: Ranger

-Horse (any): Ranger

-Leopard: Ranger

-Lion: Fighter

-Lizard (any): Druid

-Monkey: Monk

-Mule: Rogue

-Octopus (any): Sorceror

-Owl: Wizard

-Pony (any): Ranger

-Porpoise: Bard

-Rat: Rogue

-Raven: Rogue

-Rhinoceros: Barbarian

-Shark (any): Fighter

-Snake (any): Rogue

-Squid (any): Sorceror

-Tiger: Monk

-Toad: Transmuter

-Weasel: Rogue

-Whale (any): Sorceror

-Wolf: Fighter

-Wolverine: Barbarian


-Giant Ant: Enchanter

-Giant Bee: Ranger

-Giant Beetle: Fighter

-Giant Praying Mantis: Monk

-Giant Wasp: Rogue

-Monstrous Centipede: Sorceror

-Monstrous Scorpion: Rogue

-Monstrous Spider: Barbarian

Celestial: Paladin

Fiendish: Rogue

Ghost: Any (Depends on base creature)

Half-Celestial: Paladin

Half-Dragon: Sorceror

Half-Fiend: Fighter

Lich: Necromancer

Lycanthropes (as a template, depends on animal type)

-Werebear: Barbarian

-Wereboar: Fighter

-Wererat: Rogue

-Weretiger: Monk

-Werewolf: Ranger

Vampire: Necromancer



*Astral Construct: Psychic Warrior

Blue: Shaper

*Brain Mole: Savant

Caller in Darkness: Seer

Cerebrilith: Egoist

Crysmal: Savant

*Folugub: Transmuter

Githyanki: Psychic Warrior

Githzerai: Monk

Intellect Devourer: Seer

Neothelid: Egoist

Phthisic: Shaper

*Psion-Killer: Fighter

Puppeteer: Telepath

Temporal Filcher: Nomad

Thought Eater: Nomad

*Udoroot: Shaper

Psionic: Psion



Astral Dreadnought: Barbarian

Bariaur: Ranger


-Firre: Bard

-Leonal: Paladin


-Uridezu: Sorceror

-Armanite: Fighter

-Goristro: Barbarian


-Spinagon: Rogue

-Narzugon: Fighter


-Xag-Ya: Cleric

-Xeg-Yi: Cleric


-Dusk Beast: Rogue

-Ecalypse: Ranger

-Umbral Banyan: Conjurer


-Dao: Divinator

-Marid: SorcerorFor Githyanki and Githzerai, see the Psionics Handbook Creature listing...


-Zelekhut: Fighter

-Kolyarut: Abjurer

-Marut: Monk

Mercane: Wizard

Paraelemental (any)

-Ice: Monk

-Magma: Barbarian

-Ooze: Druid

-Smoke: Ranger


-Canoloth: Ranger

-Mezzoloth: Rogue

-Nycaloth: Fighter

-Ultroloth: Wizard

Half-Elemental: Any

Shadow Creature: Rogue

Element Creatures

-Air: Bard

-Earth: Fighter

-Fire: Sorceror

-Water: Cleric

-Cold: Monk

Wood Element Creature: Druid

Axiomatic: Monk

Anarchic: Barbarian

Pseudonatural: Any (depends on base creature)



Bajang: Shaman

Bakemono: Rogue

Bisan: Sohei

Bog Hag: Wu Jen

*Tigbanua Buso: Barbarian

Spirit Centipede: Shugenja

Doc cu'o'c: Ranger

Dokufu: Sorceror

Lung Dragon (any, all begin as Yu Lungs)

-Chiang Lung: Shugenja

-Li Lungs: Fighter

-Lung Wang: Ranger

-Pan Lung: Sohei

-Shen Lung: Shaman

-T'ien Lung: Samurai

-Tun Mi Lung: Barbarian

-Yu Lung: Any


-Jiki-Niku-Gaki: Rogue

-Shikki-Gaki: Rogue

-Shinen-Gaki: Fighter

-Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki: Shaman

Hannya: Wu Jen

Hebi-no-onna: Sorcerer

Hengeyokai: Wu Jen

Hopping Vampire: Ranger

Kappa: Monk

Ki-rin: Samurai

Korobokuro: Barbarian

Mamono: Rogue

Shinomen Naga

-Greensnake: Rogue

-Asps: Sohei

-Chameleon: Ranger

-Cobras: Shugenja

-Constrictors: Monks


-Einsaung Nat: Wu Jen

-Hkum Yeng Nat: Fighter

-Lu Nat: Barbarian

Nature Spirits

-Small: Shaman

-Medium: Shaman

-Large: Shaman

Nezumi: Rogue


-Common Oni: Barbarian

-Go-zu Oni: Samurai

-Me-zu Oni: Samurai

Shadowlands Oni

-Haino No Oni: Rogue

-Ashi No Oni:Barbarian

-Sanru No Oni: Wu Jen

-Kamu No Oni: Barbarian

-Shikibu No Oni: Shugenja

-Ugulu No Oni: Fighter

-Akuma No Oni: Shugenja

-Kyoso No Oni: Sorcerer

-Yattoko No Oni: Barbarian

-Byoki No Oni: Shaman

-Gekido No Oni: Barbarian

-Tsuburu No Oni: Shugenja

Onikage: Ranger

Pennaggolan: Rogue

Rokuro-Kubi: Rogue

Shirokinukatsukami: Samurai

Spirit Folk (any): Any

Tako: Ranger

Tasloi: Barbarian


-Crow Headed Tengu: Samurai

-Human Headed Tengu: Shugenja

Giant Toad

-*Giant Toad: Shaman

-*Poisonous Toad: Rogue

-Fire Toad: Sorcerer

-Ice Toad: Shugenja

Tsuno: Samurai

Vanara: Shaman

Wang-Liang: Samurai

Yeti: Barbarian

Yuki-on-na: Wu Jen

Akutsukai: Sorceror

Akutenshi: Sorceror




-Lesser Cyclops: Barbarian

-Greater Cyclops: Cleric

Fauns: Bard

Minion of Set: Clerics

Greater Mummy: Necromancer


-Dwarf Einherjar: Fighter

-Elf Einherjar: Ranger

-Human Einherjar: Fighter




-Vassal: Druid

-Soldier: Ranger

-Queen: Druid

Ash Rat: Sorceror

Asperi: Bard


-Pulverizer: Fighter

-Hammerer: Fighter

Avolakia: Sorceror

Banshee: Bard

Bladeling: Fighter

*Blood Ape: Barbarian

Boggle: Rogue

Bogun: Druid

Bone Naga: Necromancer

*Bone Ooze: Necromancer

Braxat: Ranger

Breathdrinker: Ranger

*Bronze Serpent: Monk

*Catoblepas: Druid


-Cervidal: Cleric

-Lupinal: Ranger

*Chain Golem: Fighter

*Chaos Roc: Sorceror

Cloaked Ape: Druid

Clockwork Horror

-Electrum Horror: Fighter

-Gold Horror: Evoker

-Platinum Horror: Evoker

-Adamantine Horror: Wizard

*Cloud Ray: Transmuter

*Corollax: Enchanter

Corpse Gatherer: Necromancer

Crimson Death: Sorceror

Darktentacles: Fighter

Deathbringer: Barbarian


-Abyssal Maw: Barbarian

-Abyssal Skulker: Rogue

-Abyssal Ravager: Barbarian

-Jovoc: Rogue

-Palrethee: Ranger

-Zovvut: Necromancer

-Jarilith: Ranger

-Kelvezu: Rogue

Desmodu: Wizard

*Desmodu Bat

-Hunting Bat: Ranger

-Guard Bat: Fighter

-War Bat: Barbarian


-Advespa: Monk

-Amnizu: Fighter

-Malebranche: Wizard


-Cryptoclidus: Druid

-Allosaurus: Barbarian

-Ankylosaurus: Druid

-Quetzalcoatlus: Ranger

-Seismosaurus: Druid

-Spinosaurus: Barbarian

*Dire Animal

-Dire Horse: Ranger

-Dire Elk: Barbarian

-Dire Elephant: Abjurer

-Dire Toad: Transmuter

-Dire Hawk: Ranger

-Dire Snake: Rogue

Gem Dragon

-Amethyst Dragon: Savant

-Crystal Dragon: Telepath

-Emerald Dragon: Seer

-Sapphire Dragon: Nomad

-Topaz Dragon: Egoist

Dread Guard: Fighter

Dune Stalker: Monk

Effigy: Sorceror

Elemental Weird

-Air Weird: Illusionist

-Earth Weird: Diviner

-Fire Weird: Conjurer

-Water Weird: Abjurer

*Ether Scarab: Wizard

Ethereal Doppelganger: Transmuter

Ethereal Slayer: Barbarian

Famine Spirit: Cleric


-Crested Felldrake: Paladin

-Spitting Felldrake: Paladin

-Horned Felldrake: Paladin

Fiendwurm: Sorceror


-Fihyr: Enchanter

-Great Fihyr: Enchanter

Firbolg: Druid

Fire Bat: Ranger

*Flesh Jelly: Transmuter

Fomorian: Barbarian

*Forest Sloth: Ranger

Frost Salamander: Evoker

Galeb Duhr: Druid

Gambol: Monk


-Forest Giant: Ranger

-Sun Giant: Ranger

-Ocean Giant: Sorceror

-Mountain Giant: Barbarian

Glimmerskin: Fighter


-Stained Glass Golem: Cleric

-Brass Golem: Paladin

-Dragonflesh Golem: Sorceror

Gravecrawler: Cleric

*Gravorg: Ranger

Greenvise: Druid

Grell: Rogue

Grimalkin: Bard

*Grizzly Mastodon: Barbarian

Durzagon: Cleric

Hellfire Wyrm: Fighter

Hook Horror: Monk

Immoth: Diviner


-Average Ixitxachitl: Cleric

-Vampiric Ixitxachitl: Cleric

Jahi: Sorceror

Jermlaine: Rogue

*Juggernaut: Fighter

Julajimus: Sorceror

Kopru: Sorceror

*Leechwalker: Druid

*Legendary Animals

-Legendary Eagle: Ranger

-Legendary Ape: Fighter

-Legendary Wolf: Fighter

-Legendary Snake: Rogue

-Legendary Horse: Ranger

-Legendary Bear: Barbarian

-Legendary Tiger: Monk

-Legendary Shark: Fighter

Leviathan: Druid


-Gray Linnorm: Wizard

-Dread Linnorm: Wizard

-Corpse Tearer: Wizard

Loxo: Ranger

Marrash: Ranger

Meenlock: Sorceror

*Megalodon: Barbarian

*Megapede: Barbarian

Moonbeast: Abjurer

Mooncalf: Conjurer

*Moonrat: Rogue

Morkoth: Sorceror

Mudmaw: Druid


-Myconid Junior Worker: Abjurer

-Myconid Average Worker: Abjurer

-Myconid Elder Worker: Conjurer

-Myconid Guard: Monk

-Myconid Circle Leader: Druid

-Myconid Sovereign: Druid

Needlefolk: Druid


-*Neogi Spawn: Sorceror

-Adult Neogi: Sorceror

-*Great Old Master Neogi: Sorceror

Nethersight Mastiff: Ranger

Nightmare Beast: Barbarian

Nimblewright: Rogue

Ocean Strider: Ranger


-*Wortling: Fighter

-Orcwort: Druid

Ormyrr: Wizard

*Phase Wasp: Transmuter

Phoenix: Paladin


-Chaond: Any (first chosen class is it's favored class)

-Zenythri: Monk


-Average Psurlon: Wizard

-Elder Psurlon: Wizard

-Giant Psurlon: Monk

Ragewind: Barbarian


-Tatterdemanimal: Sorceror

-Common Raggamoffyn: Bard

-Guttersnipe: Wizard

-Shrapnyl: Fighter

*Rampager: Barbarian

*Reason Stealer: Transmuter

*Red Sundew: Druid

*Rogue Eidolon: Sorceror

Rukarazyll: Bard

*Runic Guardian: Wizard

Shadow Spider: Ranger

Sirine: Bard

Spawn of Kyuss: Necromancer

Spellweaver: Wizard

Spellgaunt: Monk

Spirit of the Land: Druid

Stone Spike: Fighter

Swamplight Lynx: Ranger

Sylph: Bard

Tempest: Druid

*Teratomorph: Sorceror

Thri-kreen: Psychic Warrior

Twig Blight: Rogue

Vaporighu: Barbarian

Windghost: Paladin

*Wyste: Diviner

Yak Folk: Sorceror


-Marraenoloth: Druid

-Arcanaloth: Cleric

-Yagnoloth: Sorceror

Chimeric Creature: Sorceror

Death Knight: Fighter

Half-Golem (any): Fighter

Monster of Legend: Any (depends on base creature)

Spellstitched: Sorceror

Tauric: Any (depends on base humanoid creature)

*Titanic: Any (depends on base creature)

*Warbeast: Fighter

Razor Boar: Barbarian

Scorpionfolk: Ranger



Anaxim: Monk

Atropal: Necromancer

Chichimec: Ranger

Dream Larva: Psion

Hecatoncheires: Fighter

Infernal: Wizard

Phaethon: Barbarian

Phane: Rogue

Xixecal: Sorceror


-Behemoth Eagle: Ranger

-Behemoth Gorilla: Barbarian

Brachyurus: Fighter


-Stone Colossus: Fighter

-Flesh Colossus: Fighter

-Iron Colossus: Fighter

Demilich: Necromancer

*Devastation Vermin

-Devastation Centipede: Sorceror

-Devastation Spider: Barbarian

-Devastation Scorpion: Rogue

-Devastation Beetle: Fighter

Advanced Dragon: Any (depends on type)

Epic Dragon

-Force Dragon: Abjurer

-Prismatic Dragon: Enchanter

Primal Elemental

-Primal Air: Bard

-Primal Earth: Fighter

-Primal Fire: Sorceror

-Primal Water: Cleric

*Genius Loci: Druid

Gibbering Orb: Sorceror

Gloom: Rogue


-Mithral Golem: Fighter

-Adamantine Golem: Fighter

Ha-Naga: Cleric

Hagunemnon: Transmuter

Hoary Hunter

-Hoary Hunter: Bard

-Hoary Steed: Ranger

Hunefer: Cleric

Lavawight: Evoker

For the Legendary Bear and Legendary Tiger, see the Monster Manual 2 listing...

LeShay: Any

Living Vault: Fighter

For Mercanes, see the Manual of the Planes listing...

Mu Spore: Druid

Neh-Thalggu: Wizard

Paragon: Any (depends on base creature)

Prismasaurus: Barbarian

For Pseudonatural creatures, see the Manual of the Planes listing...

*Ruin Swarm: Ranger

Shadow of the Void: Evoker

Shape of Fire: Evoker

Sirrush (any): Ranger


-White Slaad: Cleric

-Black Slaad: Barbarian

Tayellah: Ranger

Thorciasid: Druid

Elder Titan: Cleric

Elder Treant: Druid

Umbral Blot: Rogue

Uvuudaum: Any

Verminurge: Druid

Winterwight: Evoker

Worm that Walks: Sorceror and Wizard



Feral Creature: Barbarian

Gelatinous Creature: Sorceror

Ghost Brute: Ranger

Incarnate Construct: Fighter

Insectile Creature: Rogue

Monstrous Beast: Any (depends on base creature)

Multiheaded Creature: Fighter

Mummified Creature: Any (depends on base creature)

Reptilian Creature: Fighter

Spectral Creature: Fighter

Symbiotic Creature: Fighter

For Tauric creatures, see Monster Manual 2 listing...

Umbral Creature: Fighter

Wight: Sorceror

Winged Creature: Fighter

Wraith: Fighter

Yuan-ti: Fighter

Antromorphic Animal: Any (depends on base creature)

Half-Ogre: Barbarian

For Desmodu, Loxo and Thri-kreen, see Monster Manual 2 listing...



Ashalan: Sorceror

Ashura: Samurai

Bakeneko: Rogue

Baku: Shaman

Chi No Oni: Shugenja

Chizaro No Oni: Fighter

*Doro No Oni: Druid

Jimen No Oni: Barbarian

Kaze No Oni: Shugenja

Kukanchi No Kansen: Sorceror

Mizu No Oni: Wu Jen

Moetechi No Kansen: Fighter

Oyuchi No Kansen: Wu Jen

Taki-bi No Oni: Fighter

Toichi No Kansen: Barbarian

Yosuchi No Kansen: Shugenja

Elemental Vortex: Wu Jen

*Fudoshi: Rogue

Fushiki No Oni: Sorceror


-*Skull Tide Gaki: Shaman

-Shikko-Gaki: Shaman

-Kwaku-Shin-Gaki: Shugenja

-Gakimushi: Ranger

Garegosu No Bakemono: Barbarian

Gorusei No Oni: Sohei

Greater Kansen: Wu Jen

Guardian Statue: Samurai

Hanemuri: Ranger

Houou: Sohei

Hyakuhei: Samurai

Ikiryo: Sohei

Jade Dragon: Samurai

Kenku: Samurai

Kiri No Oni: Fighter

*Ki-rin Wardogs: Ranger

Kitsu: Shugenja

Kitsune: Ranger

Kumo: Rogue

The Lost: Samurai

Maneseru No Oni: Druid

Marsh Troll: Fighter

Matsu Warcats: Rangers

Megada No Oni: Fighter

Minor Oni: Rogue

Mountain Goblin: Barbarian

For Naga, see the Shinomen Naga in the Oriental Adventures listing...


-Crippled Bone Tribe: Barbarian

-Grasping Paw Tribe: Rogue

-Tattered Ear Tribe: Any

-Third Whisker Tribe: Sorceror

*Nikumizu: Ranger

Ningyo: Rogue

Ninja Shapeshifter: Rogue

Nue: Fighter

*Nukarumi: Fighter

Obake: Shaman

Ogon No Oni: Shaman

Okura No Oni: Samurai

Oracle of Blood: Sorceror

Orochi: Barbarian

Pekkle No Oni: Rogue

*Plague Zombie: Fighter

*Podling: Any (all Oni start of as them)

Porthungluin: Sorceror

Sanshu Denki: Ranger

Seiryoku No Oni: Shugenja

Shadow Beast: Ranger

Shiyokai: Sorceror

Shuten Doji: Shugenja

Sodatsu No Oni: Fighter

Spirit Hound: Ranger

Swamp Goblin: Druid

Swamp Spirits: Bard

Tadaka No Oni: Monk

*Takesasu: Rogue

Tanuki: Shaman

Toshigoku Spirit: Fighter

Rokugani Troll: Barbarian

Tsuchimon: Monk

*Tsumunagi: Rogue

Tsuno Ravager: Samurai

Tsuno Soultwister: Shugenja

For Ubume, see the Oriental Adventures listing...


-Uragirimono: Ranger

Wakeru No Oni: Barbarian

*Wondrous Netsuke: Monk

Wyrm: Fighter

Yokai: Barbarian

*Yorei: Sohei

Zashiki Warashi: Bard


-Tosekiki: Fighter

-Kuruma Seiro: Fighter

-Kuruma Date: Fighter

Zokujin: Druid

Goryo: Any (depends on base creature)

Naar Teban: Barbarian

The Oracles: Shugenja

Darkness Spawn: Rogue

Shadow Samurai: Samurai

Shadowlands Madman: Any (depends on base creature)

Shiryo: Monk



Adherer: Fighter

Aerial Servant: Cleric

Algoid: Druid

Al-mi'raj: Psion

*Amphisbaena: Rogue

*Ant Lion: Ranger

Apparition: Enchanter

*Archer Bush: Druid

*Ascomoid: Ranger

Astral Shark: Wizard

Atomie: Bard

*Aurumvorax: Ranger

*Axe Beak: Barbarian

Babbler: Rogue

Banderlog: Druid

Baric: Rogue

Barrow Wight: Necromancer

*Basidirond: Illusionist

*Greater Basilisk: Sorceror


-*Doombat: Fighter

-Mobat: Ranger

*Giant Beetle

-Giant Boring Beetle: Fighter

-Giant Death Wacth Beetle: Fighter

-Giant Rhinoceros Beetle: Barbarian

-Giant Slicer Beetle: Fighter

Belabra: Druid

Bhuta: Any

*Blindheim: Ranger

*Blood Hawk: Ranger

Bloody Bones: Necromancer

*Boalisk: Sorceror

Bog Beast: Barbarian

Bog Mummy: Druid

Boggart: Bard

Bone Cobbler: Sorceror

*Bonesnapper: Fighter

Bonesucker: Sorceror

*Brown Pudding: Barbarian

Brownie: Paladin

Buckawn: Rogue

*Bunyip: Druid

Carbuncle: Psion

*Giant Caribe: Ranger

*Carrion Moth: Necromancer

*Caryatid Column: Fighter

Caterwaul: Rogue

*Cave Cricket: Ranger

*Cave Fisher: Ranger

*Cave Moray: Druid


-Monadic Deva: Paladin

-Movanic Deva: Paladin

Chrystone: Sorceror

*Giant Clam: Wizard


-*Drone: Rogue

-*Scout: Ranger

-*Overseer: Wizard

-*Warrior: Fighter

-*Parasite: Rogue

-*Swarm: Fighter

-*Titan: Fighter

-Brain Gear: Wizard

Clubnek: Barbarian

*Cobra Flower: Druid

Coffer Corpse: Cleric

Cooshee: Ranger

*Monstrous Crab: Barbarian

Crabman: Fighter

*Monstrous Crayfish: Barbarian

*Crystal Ooze: Sorceror

Crystalline Horror: Psychic Warrior

Crypt Thing: Necromancer


-Cacodaemon: Fighter

-Charonadaemon: Ranger

-Derghodaemon: Barbarian

-Hydrodaemon: Ranger

-Piscodaemon: Druid

Dakon: Fighter

Dark Creeper: Rogue

Dark Stalker: Rogue

Darnoc: Fighter

Death Dog: Barbarian

Death Worm: Sorceror

Decapus: Illusionist

Demiurge: Barbarian


-Shaggy Demodand: Sorceror

-Slime Demodand: Barbarian

-Tarry Demodand: Fighter


-Aeshma: Barbarian

-Alu-Demon: Bard

-Cambion: Fighter

-Demons of Corruption

-Barizou: Rogue

-Azizou: Fighter

-Geruzou: Sorceror-Daraka: Barbarian

-Gharros: Sorceror


-Lesser Nabasu: Ranger

-Greater Nabasu: Ranger-Nerizo: Barbarian

-Shadow Demon: Rogue

-Stirge Demon: Ranger

Demonic Knight: Fighter

Devil Dog: Ranger


-Ghaddar: Sorceror

-*Nupperibo: Fighter

-Tormentor of Souls: Fighter

*Diger: Sorceror

Dire Corby: Druid

*Disenchanter: Conjurer

Dracolisk: Any (depends of color type, see Monster Manual listing...)


-Cloud Dragon: Bard

-Faerie Dragon: Bard

-Mist Dragon: Rogue

Dragon Horse: Paladin

*Dragonfish: Ranger

*Giant Dragonfly: Sorceror

Dragonnel: Ranger


-Fire Drake: Sorceror

-Ice Drake: Barbarian

-Salt Drake: Fighter

Draug: Fighter

Drelb: Psychic Warrior

*Dun Pudding: Barbarian

*Dust Digger: Barbarian

Eblis: Bard

*Giant Moray Eel: Druid

Lightning Quasi-Elemental: Evoker

Psionic Elemental: Psion

Time Elemental: Diviner

Elemental Dragon

-Air Dragon: Bard

-Earth Dragon: Fighter

-Fire Dragon: Sorceror

-Water Dragon: Cleric

Executioners Hood: Rogue

*Eye Killer: Ranger

Eye of the Deep: Cleric or Sorceror

*False Spider

-Pedipalp: Rogue

-Solifugid: Rogue

Fen Wicth: Wizard

*Fire Lizard: Fighter

Fire Nymph: Bard

*Fire Snake: Sorceror

Firefiend: Barbarian

Flail Snail: Evoker

Flind: Fighter

*Floating Eye: Enchanter

Flumph: Sorceror

*Giant Fly: Druid

Fogwarden: Bard

*Forester's Bane: Druid

Forlarren: Sorceror

Monstrous Frog

-*Giant: Transmuter

-*Giant Dire: Transmuter

-*Killer: Barbarian

-Abyssal Dire: Sorceror

-*Poisonous: Druid

*Froghemoth: Druid

Frost Man: Fighter

Gambado: Ranger


-Four-Armed Gargoyle: Fighter

-Green Gargoyle: Sorceror

-Margoyle: Barbarian

*Gas Spore: Ranger

Ghoul-Stirge: Rogue


-Sand Giant: Fighter

-Wood Giant: Ranger

*Gloomwing: Bard


Blood Golem: Sorceror

Ice Golem: Monk

Stone Guardian: Fighter

Tallow Golem: Bard

Wood Golem: Paladin

Gorbel: Druid

Gorgimera: Sorceror

Gorilla Bear: Barbarian

Grippli: Rogue

Groaning Spirit: Bard

*Gryph: Ranger

Guardian Daemon: Fighter

*Giant Hamster: Fighter

Hangman Tree: Rogue

*Haunt: Any

Hell Moth: Sorceror

Hippocampus: Ranger

*Hoar Fox: Ranger

Huecuva: Cleric

Inphidian: Fighter

*Iron Cobra: Rogue

Jack-O-Lantern: Bard

*Jaculi: Ranger

*Monstrous Jellyfish: Abjurer

*Jupiter Bloodsucker: Rogue

Kamadan: Fighter

Kampfult: Rogue

Kech: Barbarian

Kelpie: Rogue

Kelp Devil: Druid

Khargra: Fighter

Killmoulis: Rogue

Korred: Abjurer

*Land Lamprey: Ranger

Lava Children: Barbarian

*Giant Leech: Druid

Leprechaun: Conjurer

*Livestone: Barbarian

*Rock-Horned Lizard: Fighter

*Lurker Above: Rogue

*Magma Ooze: Sorceror

Magnesium Spirit: Cleric

Mandagora: Druid

*Mantari: Ranger

Marble Snake: Bard

Giant Marmoset: Ranger

Greater Medusa: Transmuter

*Mercury Ooze: Rogue

Midnight Peddler: Wizard

Mihstu: Ranger


-Common: Rogue

-Pestie: Rogue

Mongrelman: Rogue

Moondog: Ranger

Muckdweller: Ranger

Mudman: Druid

Mummy of the Deep: Necromancer

*Mustard Jelly: Druid

*Necrophidius: Enchanter

Nereid: Bard

Nilbog: Rogue

*Obsidian Minotaur: Fighter

For Half-Ogres, see the Savage Species listing...

Ogrillon: Barbarian

Oliphant: Ranger

Orog: Fighter

Pech: Conjurer

Phantom Stalker: Ranger

*Phycomid: Druid

*Piercer: Rogue

Poltergeist: Fighter

Protector: Monk

Pyrolisk: Evoker

Quickling: Bard or Rogue

Quickwood: Druid


-Brain Rat: Psion

-*Ethereal Rat: Ranger

*Shadow Rat

-Common: Rogue

-Dire: Rogue

*Rock Reptile: Fighter

Sandling: Fighter

Sandman: Enchanter

*Scarecrow: Ranger

*Scarlet Spider: Rogue

Screaming Devilkin: Sorceror

Scythe Tree: Necromancer

Lesser Shadow: Rogue


-Shedu: Paladin

-Greater Shedu: Paladin

*Lead Skeleton: Fighter

Skulk: Rogue

*Skull Spider: Rogue

Skulleton: Necromancer

*Slime Crawler: Rogue

*Slithering Tracker: Ranger

*Giant Slug: Druid

Soul Eater: Rogue

*Soul Nibbler: Necromancy

Spriggan: Rogue

Sprite: Rogue

*Squealer: Barbarian

*Stegocentipede: Ranger

*Stench Kow: Fighter

Stone Roper: Fighter

Stormwarden: Wizard

*Strangle Weed: Rogue

*Stunjelly: Ranger

Stymphalian Bird: Sorceror

Tabaxi: Rogue

Taer: Barbarian

*Tenebrous Worm: Rogue

*Tentamort: Sorceror

*Thorny: Ranger

*Thunder Beast: Barbarian

*Giant Tick: Rogue

*Giant Tiger Barb: Ranger

Transposer: Sorceror

Trapper: Rogue

*Tri-Flower Frond: Druid


-Cave Troll: Ranger

-Ice Troll: Barbarian

-Rock Troll: Barbarian

-Swamp Troll: Druid

-Two-Headed Troll: Fighter


-Tsathar: Fighter

-Tsathar Scourge: Fighter

*Tunnel Worm: Ranger

*Giant Snapping Turtle: Wizard

Ubue: Barbarian

Undead Ooze: Necromancer

*Vampire Rose: Druid

*Vampiric Ooze: Rogue


-Commoner: Druid

-Worker: Druid

-Guard: Fighter

-Bodyguard: Fighter

-Subchief: Druid or Fighter

-Chief: Druid or Fighter

Vilstrak: Ranger

*Volt: Evoker

Vulchling: Ranger

*White Pudding: Barbarian

Wind Walker: Bard

Witherstench: Druid

*Witherweed: Rogue

*Wizards Shackle: Wizard


-Ghoul Wolf: Rogue

-Shadow Wolf: Ranger

Wolf-In-Sheep's-Clothing: Ranger

Wolf-Spider: Barbarian

Yellow Musk Creeper: Sorceror

For the Yeti, see the Oriental Adventures listing...


-*Brine Zombie: Fighter

-JuJu Zombie: Fighter


Barracuda: Ranger

Deer: Druid

Electric Eel: Evoker

Fox: Ranger

Hippopotamus: Barbarian

Moose: Druid

Quipper: Fighter

Sheep: Cleric

Skunk: Rogue

Abomination: Any (depends on one of the base creatures)

Animal Lord: Any (depends on base creature)

Beast of Chaos: Any

Bleeding Horror: Barbarian

Dire Creature: Any (depends on base creature)

Foo Creature: Abjurer

Skeleton Warrior: Fighter

Slime Zombie: Fighter

Spectral Troll: Any (depends on base creature)

Therianthrope: Any (depends on base creature)

Thessalmonster: Fighter

Yellow Musk Zombie: Fighter



NOTE: Call of Cthulhu isn't normally part of the DnD world, but for those who want to include it can use the following listing for favored classe's.

For Animated Corpses, see the Monster Manual listing...

Byakhee: Ranger

Color out of Space: Sorceror

Chthonian: Druid

Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath: Druid

Deep One: Fighter

Dhole: Fighter

Dimensional Shambler: Rogue

Elder Thing: Wizard

Fire Vampire: Cleric

Flying Polyp: Ranger

*Formless Spawn: Fighter

For Ghouls, see the Monster Manual listing...

Gnoph-Keh: Ranger

Great Race of Yith: Psion

Gug: Monk

Hound of Tindalos: Ranger

Hunting Horror: Ranger

Insect from Shaggai: Sorceror

Lloigor: Druid

Mi-Go: Wizard

Nightguant: Rogue

Rat-Thing: Rogue

Serpent People: Cleric

Servitor of the Outer Gods: Sorceror


-Shoggoth: Barbarian

-Shoggoth Lord: Fighter

Spectral Hunter: Ranger

Spider of Leng: Barbarian

Star Vampire: Sorceror

Tcho-Tcho: Rogue

Terror from Beyond: Sorceror

For Worm that Walks, see the Epic Level Handbook listing...

Chosen of Hastur: Cleric

Cult Sorceror: Sorceror or Wizard

For Ghosts, see the Monster Manual listing...

Loup-Garou: Barbarian or Ranger

For Mummies and Animals, see the Monster Manual listing...



*Climbdog: Ranger

*Thudhunter: Barbarian

For Axebeak and Hippocampus, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

Zaratan: Druid

*Soarwhale: Druid

For Giant Dragonfly, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

*Giant Firefly: Fighter



Vashar: Any

Jerren: Rogue


-Mane: Barbarian

-Rutterkin: Barbarian

-Bar-lgura: Ranger

-Babau: RogueFor Shadow Demon, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

-Chasme: Wizard


-Kocrachon: Fighter

-Ghargatula: Fighter

Eye of Fear and Flame: Sorceror


-Broodling: Barbarian

-Juvenile Kython: Barbarian

-Adult Kython: Fighter

-Impaler: Rogue

-Slaymaster: Fighter

-Slaughterking: Fighter

Vaath: Enchanter

Vilewight: Sorceror

Bone Creature: Any (depends on base creature)

Corpse Creature: Any (depends on base creature)

Corrupted Creature: Any (depends on base creature)



Abrian: Sorceror

Abyssal Ghoul: Ranger

Ahuizotl: Barbarian


-Droplet: Abjurer

-Sphere: Abjurer

*Aquatic Ooze

-Bloodbloater: Rogue

-Flotsam Ooze: Rogue

-Reekmurk: Ranger

Bacchae: Bard

Bhut: Wu Jen

Blackstone Gigant: Fighter

For Blood Hawk, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

*Bloodthorn: Druid

*Bonespear: Ranger


-Haraknin: Barbarian and Ranger

-Shadurakul: Fighter

-Vultivor: RogueFor Caryatid Column, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

*Century Worm: Barbarian

Chronotyryn: Wizard

Chwidencha: Rogue

Crawling Head: Necromancer

For Crypt Things, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

For Dark Creepers and Dark Stalkers, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

Darkweaver: Rogue

Death Dog: Ranger


-Farastu: Sorceror

-Kelubar: Wizard

-Shator: Wizard


-Alkilith: Cleric

-Blood Fiend: Necromancer

-Klurichir: Fighter

-Maurezhi: Ranger

-Myrmyxicus: Sorceror

-Skulvyn: Fighter

-Wastrilith: SorcerorFor Monadic and Movanic Deva's, see the Celestial section of the Tome of Horrors listing...


-Paeliryon: Shugenja

-Xerfilstyx: Enchanter

*Dire Rhinoceros: Barbarian

For Disenchanters, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

*Ethereal Ooze: Sorceror


-Black Etherguant: Wizard

-Red Etherguant: Wizard

-White Etherguant: Wizard


-Fensir: Wizard

-Rakka: Barbarian

Feytouched: Bard and Rogue

*Fhorge: Barbarian

Flame Snake

-Minor Flame Snake: Rogue

-Lesser Flame Snake: Fighter

-Greater Flame Snake: Cleric


-Armadon: Fighter

-Observer: Monk

-Winged Warrior: Fighter

Fossergrim: Paladin

Gathra: Barbarian


-Bog Giant: Ranger

-Shadow Giant: Rogue


-*Blood Golem of Hextor: Fighter

-Brain Golem: Psion

-Demonflesh Golem: Sorceror

-Hellfire Golem: Fighter

Half-Fey: Bard and Rogue

Half-Illithid: Psion and Psychic Warrior

Half-Troll: Barbarian and Fighter

For Huecuva, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

Hullathoin: Necromancer


-Bloodbag Imp: Rogue

-Euphoric Imp: Rogue

-Filth Imp: Rogue

*Indricothere: Ranger


-Quarut: Wizard

-Varakhut: FighterFor Iron Cobra's, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

Ironmaw: Druid

Jackal Lord: Cleric

Jackalwere: Barbarian

Kaorti: Sorceror

Keeper: Rogue

Kelp Angler: Druid

For Kelpies, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

Khaasta: Fighter

Kuldurath: Ranger

Living Holocaust: Barbarian

*Lucent Worm: Ranger

Maelephant: Evoker

Maug: Fighter

Maulgoth: Druid

*Megatherium: Ranger

Mongrelfolk: Rogue

For Necrophidius, see the Tome of Horrors listing...


-Kalareem: Fighter

-Sillit: Wizard

-Varoot: Rogue

Octopus Tree: Rogue

Ocularon: Diviner

Ophidian: Fighter

Oread: Ranger

Phiuhl: Sorceror


-Maeluth: Cleric

-Mechanatrix: Fighter

-Shyft: Rogue

-Wispling: Rogue

Quth-Maren: Necromancer


-Aurumach: Cleric

-Cuprilach: Rogue

-Ferrumach: Fighter

Rukanyr: Sorceror


-Spelleater: Fighter

-Thane: Fighter

Sea Drake: Ranger

Selkie: Bard

Senmurv: Paladin

Shadar-kai: Rogue

Shadow Asp: Rogue

For Shedu, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

For Skulk, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

Skybleeder: Sorceror

Mud Slaad: Barbarian

*Slashrath: Ranger

Spectral Lurker: Rogue

Spirit of the Air: Bard

Sporebat: Sorceror

For Spriggan, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

Steel Predator: Ranger

Sunwyrm: Cleric


-Abyssal Ant Swarm: Sorceror

-Plague Ant Swarm: Druid

-Cranium Rat Swarm (Any): Psion

-Bloodfiend Locust Swarm: Ranger

-Rapture Locust Swarm: Fighter

-Scarab Beetle Swarm: Fighter

-Viper Swarm: Rogue

-Wasp Swarm: Ranger

Swordwraith: Fighter

Terlen: Barbarian

*Terror Bird: Ranger

Thunder Worm: Druid

Ti-Khana: Any (depends on base creature)

Tunnel Terror: Ranger

Ulgurstasta: Necromancer


-Arcanist Varrangoin: Wizard

-Lesser Varrangoin: Fighter

-Rager Varrangoin: Barbarian

Vine Horror: Druid

Vorr: Rogue

Wendigo: Barbarian or Druid

*Wicker Man: Cleric

For Yellow Musk Creeper and Yellow Musk Zombie, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

Yuan-ti Anathema: Cleric


-Piscoloth: Ranger

-Skeroloth: Ranger

Yurian: Barbarian

*Zodar: Fighter

Cerebral Symbiont

-Cerebral Hood: Psion

-Mind Leech: Psion

-Psionic Sinew: Psychic Warrior

Fiendish Symbionts

-Fiendish Familiar: Wizard

-Gutworm: Barbarian

-Soul Tick: Ranger

-Ghostly Visage: Cleric



Aarakocra: Fighter

*Aballin: Druid


-White Abishai: Rogue

-Black Abishai: Rogue

-Green Abishai: Ranger

-Blue Abishai: Fighter

-Red Abishai: Fighter

Alaghi: Druid


-Asabi: Ranger

-Stingtail: Barbarian

Banedead: Cleric

Baneguard: Sorceror

Banelar: Wizard

Deep Bat

-Bonebat: Ranger

-Night Hunter: Ranger

-Sinister: Bard

Beast of Malar: Barbarian

Death Kiss Beholderkin: Fighter

*Eyeball Beholderkin: Sorceror

Gouger Beholderkin: Barbarian

Bullywug: Barbarian

Chitine: Rogue

Choldrith: Cleric

Chosen One: Barbarian

Cloaker Lord: Illusionist

*Crawling Claw: Rogue

Darkenbeast: Fighter

Dark Tree: Druid

Deepspawn: Sorceror

Ghour: Barbarian

Yochlol: Cleric

Greater Doppelganger: Rogue


-Brown: Druid

-Deep: Sorceror

-Fang: Barbarian

-Shadow: Rogue

-Song: Bard

Dragonkin: Barbarian

Dread Warrior: Fighter

Faerunian Dwarf

-Shield Dwarf: Fighter

-Gold Dwarf: FighterFor Duergar, see the Monster Manual listing...

-Artic Dwarf: Ranger

-Urdunnir: Cleric

-Wild Dwarf: Barbarian


Ghaunadan: Sorceror


-Fog Giant: Ranger

-Phaerlin Giant: Barbarian

*Giant Strider: Fighter

Gibberling: Rogue

Dekanter Goblin: Fighter

Gemstone Golem

-Ruby: Monk

-Emerald: Wizard

-Diamond: Paladin

*Thayan Golem: Fighter

Green Warder: Druid

Groundling: Ranger

Gulguthydra: Sorceror

Draegloth: Cleric

*Helmed Horror: Fighter

Hybsil: Druid

Ibrandlin: Ranger

Ice Serpent: Rogue

Leucrotta: Rogue

Malaugrym: Wizard

Meazel: Rogue

Myrlochar: Cleric

Nishruu: Sorceror

Nyth: Ranger

Peryton: Barbarian

Phaerimm: Wizard


-Air: Bard

-Earth: Fighter

-Fire: Sorceror

-Water: Cleric


-Fey'ri: Sorceror

-Tanarukk: Barbarian

Pterafolk: Ranger

Quaggoth: Barbarian

Shalarin: Fighter

Sharn: Wizard

Siv: Monk

Spectral Panther: Rogue

*Subterranean Spider

-Hairy Spider: Rogue

-Sword Spider: Fighter

Stinger: Cleric

Tall Mouther: Barbarian

Tomb Tapper: Druid

Black Unicorn: Sorceror

Wemic: Ranger

Tyrantfog Zombie: Fighter

Beast of Xvim: Cleric

Curst: Any (depends on base creature)For Ghosts and Liches, see the Monster Manual listing...


-Werebat: Rogue

-Werecrocodile: Druid

-Wereshark: Barbarian

Revenant: Any (depends on base creature)For Yuan-Ti, see the Savage Species listing...



NOTE: Due to nature of the Races chapter, Humans, the Mountain and Hill Dwarves, Half-Elves, Gnomes, Centaurs and Ogres can be found in the Monster Manual listing. The Half-Ogre can be found in the

Savage Species listing. The Krynn Minotaurs are delt with in this listing.


-Dark Dwarf: Rogue

-Gully Dwarf: Rogue


-Kagonesti: Ranger

-Qualinesti: Wizard

-Silvanesti: Wizard

-Sea Elves

-Dargonesti: Fighter

-Dimernesti: Barbarian

Kender: Rogue

Irda: Wizard

Death Knight of Krynn: Fighter


-Aurak Draconian: Sorceror

-Baaz Draconian: Fighter

-Bozak Draconian: Sorceror

-Kapak Draconian: Rogue

-Sivak Draconian: Fighter

Dragonspawn: Any (depends on dragon color)

Fecth: Ranger

Fireshadow: Barbarian

Minotaur of Krynn: Fighter (same as those in the Race chapter of Dragonlance)

Shadowperson: Fighter

For Skeletal Warrior, see Skeleton Warrior in the Tome of Horrors listing...

Spectral Minion: Any (depends on base creature)

Tarmak: Barbarian

Thanoi: Barbarian



Artaagliths: Cleric

Bonesinger: Bard

Dread Ram: Barbarian

*Ectoplasmic Vermin (any): Rogue

Fire Spectre: Eidoloncer

For Ghosts, see the Monster Manual listing...

Ghosteater: Eidolon

Monstrous Vampire: Necromancer

Mumia: Necromancer

Necroplasm: Sorceror

Spectral Steed: Eidolon

Spirit Tree: Druid

Undead Martyr: Ranger

For Yuan-Ti, see the Savage Species listing...



NOTE: d20 Menace Manual isn't normally part of the DnD world, but for those who want to include it can use the following listing for favored classe's.

Acid Rainer: Druid

*Giant Anaconda: Rogue

For Animated Objects, Boars and Bodaks, see the Monster Manual listing...

Bogeyman: Barbarian

Cat Folk: Rogue

Charred One: Sorceror

*Chemical Golem: Barbarian

*Chimpanzee: Fighter

*Crawfordsville Monster: Ranger

For Crawling Claws, see the Monsters of Faerun listing...

Dimensional Horror: Fighter


-Plesiosaur: Druid

-Pteradon: Ranger

-For Tyrannosaurs, see the Monster Manual listing...

Doom Hag: Sorceror

*Dread Tree: Druid

Drop Bear: Barbarian

Elohim: Fighter

Etoile: Wizard


-Fleshraker: Fighter

-Harriken: Cleric

-Jumping Jack: Rogue

-Kwevencha: Rogue

-Murdergaunt: Ranger

-Stygilor: Sorceror

*Fire Wisp: Rogue

Fraal: Psion

Gardhyi: Psychic Warrior

For Ghouls, Grimlocks and Half-Fiends, see the Monster Manual listing...

Half-Fraal: Psion

For Harpies, see the Monster Manual listing...

For Hippopotamus, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

*Infester: Rogue

For Intellect Devourers, see the Psionics Handbook listing...

Jynx: Rogue

Kinori: Ranger

Kroath: Fighter

*Litter Brutes: Barbarian

Luciferan: Sorceror

Malleable Creature: Any (Depends on base creature)

Maniac: Barbarian

*Giant Man-'o-War: Sorceror

*Mapinguari: Ranger

*Mongolian Death Worm: Fighter

*Monitor Lizard: Fighter

Montauk Monster: Sorceror

Mothfolk: Monk

For Neothelids, see the Psionics Handbook listing...

Night Terror: Bard

N'sss: Fighter

For Revenants, see the Monsters of Faerun listing...

*Robot (any): Any

*Rod: Psion

Rogue Tulpa: Psycchic Warrior

Sand Slave: Monk

Sasquatch: Barbarian

Satanic Ichor: Wizard

*Scorpion: Rogue

*Sea Serpent: Ranger

Sesheyan: Rogue

*Sewer Sludge: Fighter

For Huge Sharks, see the Monster Manual listing...

Skin Feaster: Ranger

*Cobra: Rogue

*Hoop Snake: Fighter

Star Doppelganger: Fighter

For Thought Eaters, see the Psionics Handbook listing...

Thunderbird: Druid

*Toxic Sludge: Fighter

For Udoroots, see the Psionics Handbook listing...

For Whisperer in the Dark, see the Caller in Darkness in the Psionics Handbook listing...

For Yetis, see the Oriental Adventures listing...

Zap: Rogue

Zeikune: Psion



Aleax: Any (Depends on base creature)


-Owl Archon: Ranger

-Sword Archon: Paladin

-Throne Archon: Cleric

-Warden Archon: Paladin

Asura: Ranger

For Bariaurs, see the Manual of the Planes listing...

Crypt Warden: Fighter


-Coure: Bard

-For Firres, see the Manual of the Planes listing...

-Shiradi: Barbarian

-Tulani: Bard


-Equinal: Ranger

-Musteval: Rogue

-Ursinal: Wizard

Hollyphant: Psion

Leskylor (any): Cleric

For Moondogs, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

Quesar: Sorceror

Rhek: Monk

Sacred Wacther: Fighter

Saint: Cleric or Paladin

Sanctified Creature: Any (Depends on base creature)

Divine Wrath Swarm

-*Apocalypse Frog Swarm: Sorceror

-*Bronze Locust Swarm: Fighter

-*Deathraven Swarm: Ranger

-Sunfly Swarm: Cleric



Abyssal Drake: Fighter

Dracolich: Necromancer

Draconic Creature: Sorceror

For Dragonkin, see the Monsters of Faerun listing...

For Dragonnels, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

Elemental Drake

-Air Drake: Rogue

-Earth Drake: Fighter

-For Fire and Ice Drakes, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

-Magma Drake: Barbarian

-Ooze Drake: Druid

-Smoke Drake: Sorceror

-Water Drake: Sorceror

For Faerie Dragons, see the Tome of Horrors listing...

For Fang Dragons, see the Monsters of Faerun listing...

Spiked Felldrake: Barbarian

Ghostly Dragon: Any (Depends on base creature)


-Dragonbone Golem: Fighter

-Drakestone Golem: Fighter

-Ironwyrm Golem: FighterFor Half-Dragons, see the Monster Manual listing...

*Hoard Scarab: Rogue


-Desert Landwyrm: Ranger

-Forest Landwyrm: Druid

-Hill Landwyrm: Barbarian

-Jungle Landwyrm: Sorceror

-Mountain Landwyrm: Fighter

-Plains Landwyrm: Ranger

-Swamp Landwyrm: Barbarian

-Tundra Landwyrm: Druid

-Underdark Landwyrm: Rogue

Planar Dragons

-Battle Dragon: Fighter

-Chaos Dragon: Barbarian

-Ethereal Dragon: Bard

-Howling Dragon: Sorceror

-Oceanus Dragon: Wizard

-Pyroclastic Dragon: Cleric

-Radiant Dragon: Paladin

-Rust Dragon: Monk

-Styx Dragon: Sorceror

-Tarterian Dragon: Barbarian

For Shadow Dragons, see the Monsters of Faerun listing...

*Skeletal Dragon: Fighter

Squamous Spewer: Barbarian

Storm Drake: Druid

Vampiric Dragon: Necromancer

*Zombie Dragon: Fighter