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The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters
Creatures of the Mist template

By Kkat


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Creatures of the Mist

This template is added to any cold subtype creature or any White or Silver Dragon who remains within the areas saturated by the necromantic Mists which still cover portions of the world after the Cataclysm. This template is also applied to half-dragons and Dragon Disciple sorcerers of Silver or White decendancy. At the DM's option, other sorcerers may acquire this template after significant exposure to the Mist if their Draconic ancestry is uncertain. Only 5% of sorcerers have strong enough White or Silver Dragonblood flowing through their veins to be subject to this effect.

When a susceptible person or creature remains within the Mists for a month (excluding brief forays out of the area), the creature must make a Fortitude save (DC 10) or succumb to this template. Every additional month, the creature or person must make an additional Fortitude save, each at a cumulative -1 penalty to the roll.

Creating a Creature of the Mist

Hit Dice: As Base Creature
Speed: As Base Creature
Attacks: As Base Creature
Damage: As Base Creature
Special Attacks:
  • Necromantic Breath Weapon - Creatures and people who possess a breath weapon gain a secondary breath weapon when they become creatures of the mist. This is a cone of weakening negative energy. All caught within it must make a Fortitude save or loose one point of Strength per 3 HD of the breather (if a person or creature) or per age category (if a Dragon).
  • Chilling Touch - Most creatures of the mist gain a soul-chilling necromantic aura. The creature of the mists'; natural melee attacks deal an additional 1d2 Strength drain unless the victim makes a Fortitude save (DC = 10 +1/2 HD + Cha mod). Any successful drain also heals the creature of the mist 5 points of damage (10 on a critical). A creature of the mists gains this ability at 6 HD (for people and creatures) or at Very Young (for Dragons).
  • Greater Chilling Touch - Few creatures of the mist develop an even stronger necromantic aura. This is exactly the same as the Chilling Touch above, except that the drain increases to 1d4 Strength. A creature of the mists gains this ability at 18 HD (for people and creatures) or at Adult (for Dragons).
Special Qualities:
  • Negative Energy Subtype - Negative energy creatures are immune to disease, death effects, or necromantic effects. Negative energy creatures are not subject to ability damage, ability drain and energy. Negative energy creatures can heal normally, but cannot be raised. Negative energy heals them (such as an inflict damage spell; likewise, positive energy can harm them (such as a cure damage spell). Negative energy creatures can be turned.
  • Deathvision - A creature of the mists can sense positive and negative energy, pinpointing living and undead creatures as well as rendering the Mists transparent. This ability works as par Blindsight with a range of 10'per HD.
  • Call the Mists - Many creatures of the mist can summon the Mists about them, even within a structure or lair. This Mist acts like the Obscuring Mist spell. A creature of the mists gains this ability at 3 HD (for people and creatures) or at Wyrmling (for Dragons).
  • Invisibility - Some creatures of the mist can turn invisible at will. This ability is identical to the spell Invisibility. A creature of the mists gains this ability at 15 HD (for people and creatures) or at Young Adult (for Dragons).
  • Improved Invisibility - A very few creatures of the mist develop an even more powerful version of this invisibility identical to the spell Improved Invisibility, usable at will. A creature of the mists gains this ability at 21 HD (for people and creatures) or at Old (for Dragons).
Saves: As Base Creature
Abilities: -2 Con, +2 Cha
Skills: As Base Creature
Feats: As Base Creature
Climate/Terrain: Anywhere there are The Mists
Organization: As Base Creature
Alignment: As Base Creature or any Evil
Advancement: As Base Creature