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The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters
Thirsty Vampire Template

By Read my glowing, claw-like finger


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+ Template +
Thirsty vampires look mostly like they did in life except for their short fangs, tiny claws and pale skin, however it is obvious just by looking that they are nothing more than mindless bloodsuckers. They sniff, scamper, hiss, crawl, ect. as if they were some primitive animal. They usually only use their summon bat ability to send the bat out and find if their is fresh blood. The transformation has greatly weakened the body but slightly increased agility.
This template can be applied to any living vertebrate with or more hit dice.
Type: Changes to undead
Hit Dice: Changes to d12, divide by two
Attacks: The creature loses all special attacks. Even if the base creature already has bite and claw attacks, use the ones from the table provided here:
Speed: 30ft, climb 10ft
Size Bite Claw
Tiny or smaller 1 piercing, 1 con 1d2 slashing
Small to Large Ditto 1d3 slashing
Huge or bigger Ditto 1d4 slashing

Special Attacks: Gains Blood Drain and summon bat
Special Qualities: Loses all qualities of base creature, Gains Undead and blood thirst
Abilities: Str-4, Dex+2, Con-, Int1, Wis10, Cha4
CR: Base creatures CR divided by two
Feats: Weapon finesse (claw)
Sample Thirsty Vampire
This uses a human peasant as the base creature
Medium Undead
Hit Dice:
d12 (3hp)
Initiative: +1 dex
Speed: 30ft, climb 10ft
AC: 11 (+1 dex)
Attacks: Bite, Claw, Blood Drain
Damage: Bite 1 piercing and 1 con, Claw 1d4
Face/Reach: 5ft by 5ft/ 5ft
Special Attacks: Blood Drain, Summon Bat
Special Qualities: Undead, Blood Thirst
Saves: Fort-, Ref+1, Will+0
Abilities: Str6, Dex12, Con-, Int1, Wis10, Cha4
Alignment: Always Neutral (detects as NE)
Blood Drain (Ex): Upon A successful grapple check a thirsty vampire will start doing 1d2 temporary con damage each round.
Summon Bat (Sp): Once per day a thirsty vampire may summon a small, insectivorous, bat as a first level sorcerer. (see MM)
Blood Thirst (Ex): If a thirsty vampire goes for an entire day without drinking blood, it loses one point of charisma. This process is referred to as drying. Every day it goes without blood it loses another point of charisma. At 0 charisma it shrivels up and turns into a dried-out non-animated skeleton. After it starts drinking blood again it gets back one point of charisma for every three constitution points drained.

Note: A person who has become a thirsty vampire can still be ressurected (providing the person ressurecting them has a part of their body from before the transformation) and casting raise dead on one allows it a single will save (dc:15) to keep from reverting to normal.