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This page is merely to help you design unusual characters, you can use Soldarins ECL system if you wish or just ask your DM. For example if you want to play a Beholder Wizard (ECL +20), you would normally have to wait until 20th leval characters could be played when the rest of the players get to that point. However some gamers (like myself) prefer to use our discretion and tiny amount of judgement when to comes to playing as unusual characters, forgetting about ECL completly. This is DMs and PCs alike who wish to have a favored class other than having to use the 'monster' leval as a favored class. However, even if you are using ECL this listing is quite useful to determine what classe's to give to unusual races. 
If you prefer to use ECL than DMs discretion, then you not want to use this listing and you probably want the following site instead. Go to...


:NOTE: Any creature with an intelligence score of 2 or lower or no intelligence at all, then it is classed as an awakened being for playing purposes. Also the awaken affects all non-sentient creatures, including animals, plants, oozes, most constructs and some undead as if under the awaken spell on page 177 of the Players Handbook.

*: This monster is classed as "Awakened". Whenever it is next to bold letters, this means the entire group of monsters is classed as Awakened.

NOTE: Any templates that have been added to a creature with a favored class, if the template has a favored class, it overides the original favored class.


Aboleth: Psion

Achaierai: Fighter

Allip: Necromancer

*Animated Object (any): Any

*Ankheg: Barbarian

Aranea: Rogue

Arrowhawk (any): Ranger

*Assassin Vine: Rogue

Athach: Barbarian

Azer: Fighter

Barghest (any): Rogue

*Basilisk: Sorceror

Behir: Fighter

Beholder: Wizard or Sorceror

Belker: Fighter

Blink Dog: Ranger

Bodak: Sorceror

Bugbear: Rogue

*Bulette: Barbarian

*Carrion Crawler: Rogue


-Lantern Archon: Cleric

-Hound Archon: Paladin

-Avoral: Ranger

-Ghaele: Cleric

-Trumpet Archon: Bard

-Astral Deva: Cleric or Paladin

-Planetar: Paladin

-Solars: Paladin or BarbarianCentaur: Ranger

Chaos Beast: Sorceror

Chimera: Sorceror

Choker: Rogue

Chuul: Barbarian

Cloaker: Illusionist

*Cockatrice: Sorceror

Couatl: Paladin

*Darkmantle: Ranger

Delver: Ranger


-Drecth: Fighter

-Quasit: Rogue

-Succubus: Bard or Sorceror

-Bebilith: Barbarian

-*Retriever: Ranger

-Vrock: Rogue

-Hezrou: Divinator

-Glabrezu: Sorceror

-Nalfeshnee: Barbarian

-Mariliths: Sorceror

-Balor: EvokerDestrachan: Evoker


-*Lemure: Fighter

-Imp: Rogue

-Osyluth: Fighter

-Kyton: Monk

-Hellcat: Ranger

-Barbazu: Fighter

-Erinyes: Bard or Illusionist

-Hamatula: Ranger

-Cornugon: Fighter

-Gelugon: Conjurer

-Pit Fiend: ConjurerDevourer: Sorceror

*Digester: Ranger


-Deinonychus: Ranger

-Elasmosaurus: Druid

-Megaraptor: Barbarian

-Triceratops: Druid

-Tyrannosaurus: Barbarian*Dire Animal

-Rat: Rogue

-Weasal: Rogue

-Badger: Druid

-Bat: Ranger

-Ape: Fighter

-Wolverine: Barbarian

-Wolf: Ranger

-Boar: Barbarian

-Lion: Fighter

-Bear: Barbarian

-Tiger: Fighter

-Shark: RangerDisplacer Beast: Rogue

Doppelganger: Rogue

Dragon (any)

-Red: Sorceror

-Blue: Evoker

-Green: Ranger

-Black: Rogue

-White: Barbarian

-Brass: Bard

-Bronze: Sorceror

-Copper: Rogue

-Gold: Abjurer

-Silver: PaladinDragon Turtle: Wizard

Dragonne: Sorceror

Drider: Sorceror

Dryad: Druid


-Hill Dwarf: Fighter

-Deep Dwarf: Fighter

-Derro: Barbarian

-Duergar: Monk

-Mountain Dwarf: Paladin

Elemental (any)

-Air: Bard

-Earth: Fighter

-Fire: Sorceror

-Water: Cleric


-High Elf: Wizard

-Aquatic: Abjurer

-Drow: Rogue

-Gray Elf: Monk

-Wild Elf: Barbarian

-Wood Elf: DruidEthereal Filcher: Rogue

Ethereal Marauder: Barbarian

Ettercap: Sorceror

Ettin: Barbarian


-Worker: Fighter

-Warrior: Fighter

-Taskmaster: Enchanter

-Myrmarchs: Wizard

-Queen: DivinatorFrost Worm: Ranger


-Shrieker: Druid

-Violet Fungus: DruidGargoyle: Rogue


-Janni: Conjurer

-Dijinni: Conjurer

-Efreeti: Sorceror


-Ghoul: Rogue

-Ghast: Rogue

-Lacedon: Rogue


-Hill: Barbarian

-Stone: Fighter

-Frost: Cleric

-Fire: Cleric

-Cloud: Sorceror

-Storm: SorcerorGiant Eagle: Ranger

Giant Owl: Druid

Gibbering Mouther: Sorceror

Girallon: Barbarian

Gnoll: Ranger


-Rock Gnome: Illusionist

-Svirfneblin: Sorceror

-Forest Gnome: DruidGoblin: Rogue


-Flesh: Barbarian

-Clay: Fighter

-Stone: Fighter

-Iron: Paladin*Gorgon: Fighter

Gray Render: Barbarian

Grick: Rogue

Griffon: Ranger

Grimlock: Barbarian


-Sea Hag: Sorceror

-Annis: Sorceror

-Green Hag: EnchanterHalf-Elf: Any

Halfling-Lightfoot: Rogue

-Tallfellow: Ranger

-Deep Halfling: FighterHalf-Orc: Barbarian

Harpy: Bard

Hell Hound: Ranger

Hippogriff: Ranger

Hobgoblin: Fighter

Homonculus: Wizard

Howler: Ranger

Human: Any

Hydra (any)

-Lernaean Hydra: Barbarian

-Pyrohydra: Sorceror

-Cryohydra: FighterInvisible Stalker: Ranger

Kobold: Sorceror

Kraken: Wizard

Krenshar: Ranger

Kuo-Toa: Rogue

Lamia: Sorceror

Lammasu: Paladin

Lillend: Bard

Lizardfolk: Druid

Locathah: Barbarian

Magmin: Rogue

Manticore: Fighter

Medusa: Transmuter


-Air Mephit: Bard

-Dust Mephit: Wizard

-Earth Mephit: Fighter

-Fire Mephit: Sorceror

-Ice Mephit: Monk

-Magma Mephit: Barbarian

-Ooze Mephit: Druid

-Salt Mephit: Rogue

-Steam Mephit: Ranger

-Water Mephit: ClericMerfolk: Bard

Mimic: Rogue

Mind Flayer: Psion

Minotaur: Barbarian

Mohrg: Necromancer

Mummy: Necromancer

Naga-Water Naga: Druid

-Spirit Naga: Necromancer

-Dark Naga: Illusionist

-Guardian Naga: ClericNight Hag: Sorceror

Nightmare: Fighter


-Nightwing: Ranger

-Nightwalker: Sorceror

-Nightcrawler: BarbarianNymph: Druid


-Ogre: Barbarian

-Merrow: Barbarian

-Ogre Mage: Wizard*Ooze

-Gray Ooze: Fighter

-Gelatinous Cube: Sorceror

-Ochre Jelly: Monk

-Black Pudding: BarbarianOrc: Barbarian

Otyugh: Barbarian

Owlbear: Barbarian

Pegasus: Paladin

*Phantom Fungus: Druid

Phase Spider: Conjuration

Phasm: Bard


-Aasimar: Paladin

-Tiefling: RoguePseudodragon: Sorceror

*Purple Worm: Barbarian

Rakshasa: Wizard

Rast: Sorceror

Ravid: Cleric

Remorhaz: Barbarian

*Roc: Ranger

Roper: Fighter

*Rust Monster: Fighter

Sahuagin: Ranger


-Flamebrother: Any

-Average Salamander: Fighter

-Noble Salamander: FighterSatyr: Bard

Sea Lion: Barbarian

Shadow: Sorceror

Shadow Mastiff: Ranger

Shambling Mound: Druid

*Shield Guardian: Paladin

Shocker Lizard: Sorceror

*Skeleton (any): Necromancer

Skum: Ranger


-Red Slaad: Barbarian

-Blue Slaad: Barbarian

-Green Slaad: Sorceror

-Gray Slaad: Wizard

-Death Slaad: RogueSpectre: Rogue


-Androsphinx: Fighter

-Criosphinx: Rogue

-Gynosphinx: Sorceror

-Hieracosphinx: Barbarian*Spider Eater: Barbarian


-Grig: Bard

-Nixie: Druid

-Pixie: Bard *Strige: Rogue

Tarrasque: Barbarian

Tendriculos: Druid

Thoqqua: Sorceror

Titan: Cleric

Tojanida: Ranger

Treant: Druid

Triton: Ranger

Troglodyte: Cleric

Troll (any): Barbarian

Umberhulk: Barbarian

Unicorn: Paladin

Vampire Spawn: Rogue

Vargouille: Sorceror

Wight: Necromancer

Will-O'-Wisp: Bard

Winter Wolf: Fighter

Worg: Fighter

Wraith: Necromancer

Wyvern: Barbarian

Xill: Cleric

Xorn (any): Barbarian

Yeth Hound: Ranger

Yrthak: Ranger


-Pureblood: Ranger

-Halfblood: Ranger

-Abomination: ClericZombie (any): Necromancer


-Ape: Fighter

-Baboon: Monk

-Badger: Druid

-Bat: Ranger

-Bear (any): Barbarian

-Bison: Barbarian

-Boar: Fighter

-Camel: Ranger

-Cat: Rogue

-Cheetah: Ranger

-Crocodile: Sorceror

-Dog (any): Any

-Donkey: Rogue

-Eagle: Ranger

-Elephant: Abjurer

-Hawk: Ranger

-Horse (any): Ranger

-Leopard: Ranger

-Lion: Fighter

-Lizard (any): Druid

-Monkey: Monk

-Mule: Rogue

-Octopus (any): Sorceror

-Owl: Wizard

-Pony (any): Ranger

-Porpoise: Bard

-Rat: Rogue

-Raven: Rogue

-Rhinoceros: Barbarian

-Shark (any): Fighter

-Snake (any): Rogue

-Squid (any): Sorceror

-Tiger: Monk

-Toad: Transmuter

-Weasel: Rogue

-Whale (any): Sorceror

-Wolf: Fighter

-Wolverine: Barbarian*Vermin

-Giant Ant: Enchanter

-Giant Bee: Ranger

-Giant Beetle: Fighter

-Giant Praying Mantis: Monk

-Giant Wasp: Rogue

-Monstrous Centipede: Sorceror

-Monstrous Scorpion: Rogue

-Monstrous Spider: BarbarianCelestial: Paladin

Fiendish: Rogue

Ghost: Any

Half-Celestial: Paladin

Half-Dragon: Sorceror

Half-Fiend: Fighter

Lich: Necromancer


-Werebear: Barbarian

-Wereboar: Fighter

-Wererat: Rogue

-Weretiger: Monk

-Werewolf: RangerVampire: Necromancer



*Astral Construct: Psychic Warrior

Blue: Shaper

*Brain Mole: Savant

Caller in Darkness: Seer

Cerebrilith: Egoist

Crysmal: Savant

*Folugub: Transmuter

Githyanki: Psychic Warrior

Githzerai: Monk

Intellect Devourer: Seer

Neothelid: Egoist

Phthisic: Shaper

*Psion-Killer: Fighter

Puppeteer: Telepath

Temporal Filcher: Nomad

Thought Eater: Nomad

*Udoroot: Shaper

Psionic: Psion



Astral Dreadnought: Barbarian

Bariaur: Ranger


-Firre: Bard

-Leonal: Paladin


-Uridezu: Sorceror

-Armanite: Fighter

-Goristro: Barbarian


-Spinagon: Rogue

-Narzugon: Fighter


-Xag-Ya: Cleric

-Xeg-Yi: Cleric


-Dusk Beast: Rogue

-Ecalypse: Ranger

-Umbral Banyan: Conjurer


-Dao: Divinator

-Marid: Sorceror

For Githyanki and Githzerai, see the Psionics Handbook Creature listing, above...Inevitable

-Zelekhut: Fighter

-Kolyarut: Abjurer

-Marut: MonkMercane: Wizard

Paraelemental (any)

-Ice: Monk

-Magma: Barbarian

-Ooze: Druid

-Smoke: Ranger


-Canoloth: Ranger

-Mezzoloth: Rogue

-Nycaloth: Fighter

-Uridezu: WizardHalf-Elemental: Any

Shadow Creature: Rogue

Element Creatures

-Air: Bard

-Earth: Fighter

-Fire: Sorceror

-Water: Cleric

-Cold: MonkWood Element Creature: Druid

Axiomatic: Monk

Anarchic: Barbarian

Petitioner: Any

Pseudonatural: Any



Aspara: Shamans

Bajang: Shaman

Bakemono: Rogue

Bisan: Sohei

Bog Hag: Wu Jen

*Tigbanua Buso: Barbarian

Spirit Centipede: Shugenja

Doc cu'o'c: Ranger

Dokufu: Sorceror

*Foo Creatures

-Foo Dog: Sohei

-Foo Lion: Sohei

Lung Dragon (any, all begin as Yu Lungs)

-Chiang Lung: Shugenja

-Li Lungs: Fighter

-Lung Wang: Ranger

-Pan Lung: Sohei

-Shen Lung: Shaman

-T'ien Lung: Samurai

-Tun Mi Lung: Barbarian

-Yu Lung: Any


-Jiki-Niku-Gaki: Rogue

-Shikki-Gaki: Rogue

-Shinen-Gaki: Fighter

-Jiki-Ketsu-Gaki: ShamanGandharva: Samurai

Garegosu No Bakemono: Fighter

Goblin Rat: Rogue

Goblin Spider: Wu Jen


-Akikage: Rogue

-Chu-u: Sorceror

-Con-tinh: Wu Jen

-Hanging Ghost: Shugenja

-Kuei: Barbarian

-Ubume: ShugenjaHai Nu: Shaman

Hannya: Wu Jen

Hebi-no-onna: Sorcerer

Hengeyokai: Wu Jen

Hopping Vampire: Ranger

Jikiniki: Shugenja

Kappa: Monk

Ki-rin: Samurai

Korobokuro: Barbarian

Kumo: Sorceror

Mamono: Rogue

Myin-Kawei: Rogue

Shinomen Naga

-Greensnake: Rogue

-Asps: Sohei

-Chameleon: Ranger

-Cobras: Shugenja

-Constrictors: Monks


-Einsaung Nat: Wu Jen

-Hkum Yeng Nat: Fighter

-Lu Nat: BarbarianNezumi: Rogue

Ningyo: Wu Jen


-Common Oni: Barbarian

-Go-zu Oni: Samurai

-Me-zu Oni: Samurai

Shadowlands Oni

-Haino No Oni: Rogue

-Ashi No Oni:Barbarian

-Sanru No Oni: Wu Jen

-Kamu No Oni: Barbarian

-Shikibu No Oni: Shugenja

-Ugulu No Oni: Fighter

-Akuma No Oni: Shugenja

-Kyoso No Oni: Sorcerer

-Yattoko No Oni: Barbarian

-Byoki No Oni: Shaman

-Gekido No Oni: Barbarian

-Tsuburu No Oni: Shugenja

-Kiri No Oni: BarbarianOnikage: Ranger

Pennaggolan: Rogue

Phii Khamot: Wu Jen

Rishi: Samurai

Rokuro-Kubi: Rogue

Shadowlands Ogre: Shugenja

Shadowlands Troll: Barbarian

Shirokinukatsukami: Samurai

Spider Demon: Rogue

Spirit Folk (any): Any

Stone Spirit: Sohei

Tako: Ranger

Tasloi: Barbarian


-Crow Headed Tengu: Samurai

-Human Headed Tengu: Shugenja

Giant Toad

-*Giant Toad: Shaman

-*Poisonous Toad: Rogue

-Fire Toad: Sorcerer

-Ice Toad: ShugenjaThaman Kya: Ranger

Thamop: Wu Jen

Tsuno: Samurai

Vanara: Shaman

Wang-Liang: Samurai

Yeti: Barbarian

Yuki-on-na: Wu Jen




-Lesser Cyclops: Barbarian

-Greater Cyclops: ClericFauns: Bard

Minion of Set: Clerics

Greater Mummy: Necromancer


-Dwarf Einherjar: Fighter

-Elf Einherjar: Ranger

-Human Einherjar: Fighter====================================================================



-Vassal: Druid

-Soldier: Ranger

-Queen: DruidAsh Rat: Sorceror

Asperi: Bard


-Pulverizer: Fighter

-Hammerer: FighterAvolakia: Sorceror

Banshee: Bard

Bladeling: Fighter

*Blood Ape: Barbarian

Boggle: Rogue

Bogun: Druid

Bone Naga: Necromancer

*Bone Ooze: Necromancer

Braxat: Ranger

Breathdrinker: Ranger

*Bronze Serpent: Monk

*Catoblepas: Druid


-Cervidal: Cleric

-Lupinal: Ranger*Chain Golem: Fighter

*Chaos Roc: Sorceror

Cloaked Ape: Druid

Clockwork Horror

-Electrum Horror: Fighter

-Gold Horror: Evoker

-Platinum Horror: Evoker

-Adamantine Horror: Wizard*Cloud Ray: Transmuter

*Corollax: Enchanter

Corpse Gatherer: Necromancer

Crimson Death: Sorceror

Darktentacles: Fighter

Deathbringer: Barbarian


-Abyssal Maw: Barbarian

-Abyssal Skulker: Rogue

-Abyssal Ravager: Barbarian

-Jovoc: Rogue

-Palrethee: Ranger

-Zovvut: Necromancer

-Jarilith: Ranger

-Kelvezu: RogueDesmodu: Wizard

*Desmodu Bat

-Hunting Bat: Ranger

-Guard Bat: Fighter

-War Bat: Barbarian


-Advespa: Monk

-Amnizu: Fighter

-Malebranche: Wizard


-Cryptoclidus: Druid

-Allosaurus: Barbarian

-Ankylosaurus: Druid

-Quetzalcoatlus: Ranger

-Seismosaurus: Druid

-Spinosaurus: Barbarian

*Dire Animal

-Dire Horse: Ranger

-Dire Elk: Barbarian

-Dire Elephant: Abjurer

-Dire Toad: Transmuter

-Dire Hawk: Ranger

-Dire Snake: Rogue

Gem Dragon

-Amethyst Dragon: Savant

-Crystal Dragon: Telepath

-Emerald Dragon: Seer

-Sapphire Dragon: Nomad

-Topaz Dragon: EgoistDread Guard: Fighter

Dune Stalker: Monk

Effigy: Sorceror

Elemental Weird

-Air Weird: Illusionist

-Earth Weird: Diviner

-Fire Weird: Conjurer

-Water Weird: Abjurer*Ether Scarab: Wizard

Ethereal Doppelganger: Transmuter

Ethereal Slayer: Barbarian

Famine Spirit: Cleric


-Crested Felldrake: Paladin

-Spitting Felldrake: Paladin

-Horned Felldrake: PaladinFiendwurm: Sorceror


-Fihyr: Enchanter

-Great Fihyr: EnchanterFirbolg: Druid

Fire Bat: Ranger

*Flesh Jelly: Transmuter

Fomorian: Barbarian

*Forest Sloth: Ranger

Frost Salamander: Evoker

Galeb Duhr: Druid

Gambol: Monk


-Forest Giant: Ranger

-Sun Giant: Ranger

-Ocean Giant: Sorceror

-Mountain Giant: BarbarianGlimmerskin: Fighter


-Stained Glass Golem: Cleric

-Brass Golem: Paladin

-Dragonflesh Golem: SorcerorGravecrawler: Cleric

*Gravorg: Ranger

Greenvise: Druid

Grell: Rogue

Grimalkin: Bard

*Grizzly Mastodon: Barbarian

Durzagon: Cleric

Hellfire Wyrm: Diviner

Hook Horror: Monk

Immoth: Diviner


-Average Ixitxachitl: Cleric

-Vampiric Ixitxachitl: ClericJahi: Sorceror

Jermlaine: Rogue

*Juggernaut: Fighter

Julajimus: Transmuter

Kopru: Sorceror

*Leechwalker: Druid

*Legendary Animals

-Legendary Eagle: Ranger

-Legendary Ape: Fighter

-Legendary Wolf: Fighter

-Legendary Snake: Rogue

-Legendary Horse: Ranger

-Legendary Bear: Barbarian

-Legendary Tiger: Monk

-Legendary Shark: FighterLeviathan: Druid


-Gray Linnorm: Wizard

-Dread Linnorm: Wizard

-Corpse Tearer: WizardLoxo: Ranger

Marrash: Ranger

Meenlock: Sorceror

*Megalodon: Barbarian

*Megapede: Barbarian

Moonbeast: Abjurer

Mooncalf: Conjurer

*Moonrat: Rogue

Morkoth: Sorceror

Mudmaw: Druid


-Myconid Junior Worker: Abjurer

-Myconid Average Worker: Abjurer

-Myconid Elder Worker: Conjurer

-Myconid Guard: Monk

-Myconid Circle Leader: Druid

-Myconid Sovereign: DruidNeedlefolk: Druid


-*Neogi Spawn: Sorceror

-Adult Neogi: Sorceror

-*Great Old Master Neogi: SorcerorNethersight Mastiff: Ranger

Nightmare Beast: Barbarian

Nimblewright: Rogue

Ocean Strider: Ranger


-*Wortling: Fighter

-Orcwort: DruidOrmyrr: Wizard

*Phase Wasp: Transmuter

Phoenix: Paladin


-Chaond: Any (first chosen class is it's favored class)

-Zenythri: Monk


-Average Psurlon: Wizard

-Elder Psurlon: Wizard

-Giant Psurlon: MonkRagewind: Barbarian


-Tatterdemanimal: Sorceror

-Common Raggamoffyn: Bard

-Guttersnipe: Wizard

-Shrapnyl: Fighter*Rampager: Barbarian

*Reason Stealer: Transmuter

*Red Sundew: Druid

*Rogue Eidolon: Sorceror

Rukarazyll: Bard

*Runic Guardian: Wizard

Shadow Spider: Ranger

Sirine: Bard

Spawn of Kyuss: Necromancer

Spellweaver: Wizard

Spellgaunt: Monk

Spirit of the Land: Druid

Stone Spike: Fighter

Swamplight Lynx: Ranger

Sylph: Bard

Tempest: Druid

*Teratomorph: Sorceror

Thri-kreen: Psychic Warrior

Twig Blight: Rogue

Vaporighu: Barbarian

Windghost: Paladin

*Wyste: Diviner

Yak Folk: Sorceror


-Marraenoloth: Druid

-Arcanaloth: Cleric

-Yagnoloth: SorcerorCaptured One: Any (depends on Raggamoffyn type, see Raggamoffyns)

Chimeric Creature: Sorceror

Death Knight: Fighter

Half-Golem (any): Fighter

Monster of Legend: Any (base creature)Spellstitched: Sorceror

Tauric: Any (base humanoid creature)*Titanic: Any (base creature)*Warbeast: Fighter

Razor Boar: Barbarian

Scorpionfolk: Ranger



Anaxim: Monk

Atropal: Necromancer

Chichimec: Ranger

Dream Larva: Psion

Hecatoncheires: Fighter

Infernal: Wizard

Phaethon: Barbarian

Phane: Rogue

Xixecal: Sorceror


-Behemoth Eagle: Ranger

-Behemoth Gorilla: BarbarianBrachyurus: Fighter


-Stone Colossus: Fighter

-Flesh Colossus: Fighter

-Iron Colossus: FighterDemilich: Necromancer

*Devastation Vermin

-Devastation Centipede: Sorceror

-Devastation Spider: Barbarian

-Devastation Scorpion: Rogue

-Devastation Beetle: FighterAdvanced Dragon: Any (depends on type)

Epic Dragon

-Force Dragon: Abjurer

-Prismatic Dragon: Enchanter

Primal Elemental

-Primal Air: Bard

-Primal Earth: Fighter

-Primal Fire: Sorceror

-Primal Water: Cleric*Genius Loci: Druid

Gibbering Orb: Sorceror

Gloom: Rogue


-Mithral Golem: Fighter

-Adamantine Golem: FighterHa-Naga: Cleric

Hagunemnon: Transmuter

Hoary Hunter

-Hoary Hunter: Bard

-Hoary Steed: RangerHunefer: Cleric

Lavawight: Evoker

For the Legendary Bear and Legendary Tiger, see the Monster Manual 2 listing, above...

LeShay: Any

Living Vault: Fighter

For Mercanes, see the Manual of the Planes listing, above...

Mu Spore: Druid

Neh-Thalggu: Wizard

Paragon Mind Flayer: Psion

Paragon: Any (depends on base creature)Prismasaurus: Barbarian

Pseudonatural Troll: Sorceror

For Pseudonatural creatures, see the Manual of the Planes listing, above...

*Ruin Swarm: Ranger

Shadow of the Void: Evoker

Shape of Fire: Evoker

Sirrush: Ranger

Three-Headed Sirrush: Druid


-White Slaad: Cleric

-Black Slaad: BarbarianTayellah: Ranger

Thorciasid: Druid

Elder Titan: Cleric

Elder Treant: Druid

Umbral Blot: Rogue

Uvuudaum: Any

Verminurge: Druid

Winterwight: Evoker

Worm that Walks: Sorceror and Wizard