The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters


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By Insanity

Large Dragon (Earth)
Hit Dice: 10d12+30 (95 hp)
Initiative: -1 (dex)
Speed: 40 ft, fly 80 ft (poor)
AC: 22 (-1 Dex, -1 Size, +10 Natural, +4 Inertial Armor)
Attacks: Bite +17 melee, 2 claws +12 melee, gore +12 melee, tail slap +12 melee
Damage: bite 2d6+8, claw 1d8+4, gore 1d8+4, tail slap 1d8+12
Face/Reach: 5 ft by 10 ft / 10 ft
Special Attacks: Breath weapon, Charge 4d6+12, Psionics, Psionic attack/Defense Modes
Special Qualities: Scent, Immunities, DR 10/+1, SR 18, Keen senses, Tremorsense, Blindsight, Rockclimbing
Saves: Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +7
Abilities: Str 26, Dex 8, Con 17, Int 7, Wis 11, Cha 8
Skills: Bluff +9, Concentration +13, Jump +18*, Listen +10, Search +8, Spot +10
Feats: Inertial Armor, Power Attack, Snatch

Climate/Terrain: Mountains and underground
Organization: Solitary or family (1-2 adults and 2-5 offspring)
Challenge Rating: 10
Treasure: Half Standard
Alignment: Usually Chaotic Evil
Advancement: 11-15 HD (Large); 16-25 HD (Huge)

    Mudjagh (Mood-jach) are speculated to be the result of successive breeding of a type of dragon and an unknown stock of mammals. It is apparent from the mudjagh's two pairs of horns on its head, that the mammalian stock must have been taurean in nature. Both thick scales and hair cover its hide, with more scales being visible at the underside and limbs. The scales are typically a dark purple in color, but the shaggy hair ranges from reddish brown to black or gray. The wings mainly covered in scales, with very little hair present. Hair on the tail is short, but still quite shaggy.
    One pair of large horns spread out from the sides of its head and curve upwards, while the other pair of smaller horns curve upwards from the forehead. The rearlegs end in sharp, cloven feet while the forelegs have the typical dragon claws. The mudjagh's face is slightly shorter and wider then most dragons, while having a snout-like nose and a mouth full of sharp teeth.
    Due to their mixing of taurean and draconic genes, mudjaghs are capable of a variable diet. Being omnivores, they will graze what plants they can find, as well as hunting any creatures that they find.
    Mudjaghs are extremely territorial, and will attack without provocation. Those with young are particularly dangerous, as they will defend their young to the death. They often lair in caves, though some will live out in the open on the mountain slopes.
    Mudjaghs can speak Draconic, with a blend of guttural sounds, although they are not one for conversation.

    Mudjaghs will attack any creature that they perceive to have entered their territory. It will usually uses its improved biofeedback power first, then charge the opponent, followed by its breath weapon and psionics. After the charge, a mudjagh typically uses its duodimensional hand power to increase the effectiveness of its claws. Flinging or knocking opponents off cliffs with their telekinesis power is a common attack for mudjaghs as well.

Psionics (Sp): 3/day - body adjustment, doudimensional hand, greater concussion; 2/day - improved biofeedback, mass concussion, telekinesis. These abilities are as the powers manifested as a 10th level psion.

Psionic Attack/Defense Modes (Sp): At will - ego whip, id insinuation and mind blast / empty mind, mental barrier and intellect fortress.

Breath Weapon (Su): The mudjagh's breath weapon is a line of concussive force 80 feet long and 5 feet wide. It can choose to deal subdual damage instead of normal damage. The breath weapon is usable once every 1d4 rounds.

Charge (Ex): The mudjagh can charge at an opponent, striking with its horns as a single gore attack for 4d6+12 damage. This follows the rules of a standard charge attack.

Blindsight (Ex): The mudjagh can ascertain creatures by nonvisual means with a range of 150 feet.

Rockclimbing (Ex): This ability is similar to the spell spider climb except that the surfaces the mudjagh climbs must be rocky or stone. It is always in effect. This allows the mudjagh to trek the rough terrain of the mountains with ease.

Immunities (Ex): The mudjagh is immune to sleep and paralysis effects.

Keen Senses (Ex): The mudjagh can see four times as well a human in low-light conditions and twice as well in normal light. It also has darkvision at a range of 500 feet.

Tremorsense (Ex): The mudjagh can automatically sense the location of anything that is in contact with the ground and is within 120 ft.

Skills: *The mudjagh receives the Jump skill free at 1 rank per Hit Dice.