The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters
Bringer of the Plague


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By Cthulthoth_the_Callin_Chaos

Colossal Elemental (Virus)

HD: 30d8+120
Initiative: -1
Speed: 15 ft.
AC: 30 (-8 size, -5 dex, +33 natural)
Attacks: 2 slams +23 melee (threat 19-20)
Damage: slam 4d8+11 plus Bubonic plague
Face/Reach: 50 feet by 50 feet/15 feet
Special Attacks: Spells, Vile Burst
Special Qualities: DR 40/+4, SR 25, Viral Traits
Saves: Fortitude +21, Reflex +5, Will +20
Abilities: Str 32, Dex 1, Con 18, Wis 17, Int 9, Cha 19
Skills: Concentration +37
Feats: Weapon Focus (slam), Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Spell Focus (Necromancy),Improved Critical (Slam)
Climate/Terrain: Any underground and (very rarely) hidden inside a city.
Organization: Solitary or Contagion (1-3 Bringers of the Plague, 10-20 advanced Otyuh (15 HD), 5-10 Hamatula
CR: 19
Treasure: Quadruple standard and double coins
Alignment: Always chaotic neutral
Advancement: 31-40 HD (colossal)

Woe sweeps the unfortunates who are vexed by the forces of a Bringer of the Plague.
Bringers of the plague are intimidating to behold. They tower over most foes. They resemble a colossal machines, seemingly crafted from angular plastic. They have heads resembling a leather, birdlike mask with ruby quartz eyes. They have two enormous limbs growing from their shoulders that end in long mantis-arm-like spikes. They have stubby legs and appear to be filled with a brakish fluid.They are followed continually by a stench like that of freshly-dug earth, rotting corpses, and a cloyingly sweet mixture of herbs and flowers. Bringers of the Plague have sadistinc instincts that make up for their lack intellectual capabilities. Driven by an urge to spread disease, they wander through the cosmos through various unscrupulous means. Often the coming of comets hails one's arrival. Bringers usually establish a base of operations deep under the earth of some grand metropolis, poisoning first the fleas of a country and allowing those above to rapidly fall to the influence of the disease. On extremely rare circumstances they will rise to fight directly against those who behest its advancement. Bringers are often followed by filthy beings like abyssal dire rats and otyugh. Some less hygine-concerned beings also work with them. Bringers of the Plague speak Common, Undercommon, Abyssal, Draconic, and Terran. They have learned these languages by ordering their servitors to bring them data a dead race has left behind.

Surprisingly, Bringers can fight well alone. They often begin with their Vile Burst ability and prepare beforehand with protection spells. Bringers usually live in a subterranian layer filled with corpses, with barely enough room to manouver around. Entrances are usually trapped so that those who dare attack the Bringer within are forced to fight in close-quarters. Others prefer to have wide underground chambers that are rugged and tough to travel over, opting to use spells and their Burst ability to slow down and kill their foes.
Viral Traits: Bringers of the Plague are Viral elementals. They take double damage from Fire, and Cold spells slow them down (as the Slow spell) for 2d4 rounds (1d6 on a successful save), but are immune to Acid and Lightning. Viruses are immune to critical hits, ability drain, and mind-influencing spells and abilities.
Vile Burst (Su): Once every 2d4 turns, a Bringer of the Plague can spew a cone of gas. This gas contains a special form of the Bubonic plague that can be transmuted by air. While the viruses die at the end of the round, those caught in the cone must make a Fortitude save against DC 23 to avoid succumbing to the Plague (details below). The cone is 50 feet long and 50 feet wide at the end.
Spells (Sp): Bringers cast spells as 15th level Sorcerers. They pick Necromancy spells and spells that defend against elemental damage over those that deal damage. A few are partial to the Mage Armor and Stoneskin spells. The DC for its magic is 14+the spell's level.Bringers of the Plague cast spells without material components as if they had the Eschew and Ignore Material Components feats.
Bubonic Plague Details: This is a horrid disease. Spread by bacterium, the Plague has an incubation period of 2d4 days. A Fort save of 23 is needed to avoid the effects of the disease, and three saves must be made. Damage, initial, secondary, and tertiary, all deal 3d6 temporary Con damage. If more than 3 points of Constitution are damaged, an additional save must be made to avoid the damage being permanent.
The Vile Burst variant decreases incubation time to one minute.