The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters
Reality Render


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By planeshifter

Large Outsider (Sonic, Chaos)

Hit Dice: 3d4+4 (10 HP)
Initiative: +19 (+9 Dex, +5 Natural)
Speed: 150 ft. (constantly runs)
AC: 17 (-1 Size, +8 Dex, +6 Natural)
Attacks: 2 Claws +8 melee, Bite +2 melee, Tounge +5 melee, 3 Talons +3 melee
Damage: Claw 2d4+2, Bite 1d6+3 and sonic, Tounge 1d4 and electricty, Talon 1d8+1
Face: 5 ft. by 5 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Sonic Constanti, Velocity Aura
Special Qualities: Sonic Immunity, Spell-like abilitys
Saves: Fort:+7 Will:+15 Ref:+9
Abilities: Str 17, Dex 30, Con 18, Int 9, Wis, 19, Cha 11
Skills: Jump +9, Intimidate +12, Tumble +15
Feats: Combat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Bull Rush, Mobility, Spell Penetration
Climate/Terrain: Any land or underground
Orgranisation: Solitary, pair or pack (3-4)
CR: 15
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always chaotic neutral
Advancement: By character class

Reality Renders are mannifestations of Limbos primal chaos, an evolution born of disorder. They appear as a swiling mass of red, brown, blue or grey (or mixtures between 2 or more) wind with long, noseless multi-eyed screeching face. It has 2 large mantid like claws that whirl madly and 3 bony, exoskeletoned hands ending in sharp black talons. It also has a long tounge that whips up minature storms of lashing red and yellow energy. It constantly screeches, screams and roars at the same cuasing a mind shattering effect on creatures logic (making everything surreal and as warped as they are) playing havoc with their intellects and eventual sanity. They move constantly and at an horrifying speed, cuasing so much turbulence they push uncomfatable feelings agaisnt humanoids chests and stomachs. They can speak common, but rarely have the understanding to bother saying anything useful aside from dire ravings of an obviously insane mind.

Reality Renders tend to just tear into combat, maddening any creature into contact and hurting their ears.
Sonic Constanti (Su): A Reality Render constantly makes so much horrific noise that it cause's mortal minds to begin percieving fake realitys as logic is completly shattered from their intellects (and the reality render hasn't one to worry about it). Every 10 rounds each living creature must make a will save (DC 15) or lose his perception of reality. He has tempory Int damage of 1 and unless he fails a second will save (DC 15) he becomes panicked. He continues to lose Int score until he suceeds in a will save. If his Int score ever falls below 0, the damage becomes permanent. This ability is constant and the Reality Render cannot supress it.
Velocity Aura (Ex): A Reality Render moves so quickly and constantly, mortals can feel the force whipping against their chests, forheads and stomachs (making it feel like a tonne of bricks). Once a round any living thing within 30 ft. of the beast must make a Fort save (DC 10) or suffer 1d4 points of subdual damage.
Spell-like abilitys (Sp): At will- Chain Lightning, Displacement, Fireball, Gust of Wind, Phase Door and Shout. All of these are as cast by a 6th leval sorceror.
Becuase of their high speeds, attackers must suceed a Ref save (DC 5) or miss the Reality Render completly.

Reality Renders on most occassions are to random and insane to understand how a society works. On a few rare occassions however some organize themselfs into groups that do what they do best. Spreading chaos for it's own sake and so the Reality Renders can explore new pastures.

A Reality Renders favored class is Barbarian. Although most are to flighty and random to concentrate on a single class, a few manage to do so. A few are a little more potent and thus take the sorceror, psion or even psychic warrior classes.