The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters


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By The Dark Lord Sauron

Small Aberration

Hit Dice: 5d8+50 (26hp)
Initiative: +4 (+4 Dex)
Speed: 50ft.
AC: 15 (+1 size,+4 Dex,)
Attacks: 4 Tentacles +4, 2 claws -1
Damage: 4 Tentacles 1d4 , 2 claws 1d6
Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./ ft.5
Special Attack: Sonic scream, Improved grab, Ability score drain
Special Qualities: SR 15
Special Abilities: Attach, Dark vision 60', Limited Telepathy
Unique Weakness: Light sensitivity
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +4
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 19, Con 12, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 5
Skills: Spot 10, Listen 10, Hide 4
Feats: Flyby attack,
Climate/Terrain: Underground
Organization: Pairs
Challenge Rating: 6
Treasure: None:
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Advancement: 6-12 DH size Medium

Deep down in the underdark the Mind Flayers have been working to create creatures much like themselves that can do specialized jobs that would put the Mind Flayers themselves in dangerous positions. One of these jobs is scouting and patroling.
Using mutated froms of the tadpoles, that they themselves come from, on larger then normal bats they created the ulimate flying scout, the Illithiobat. The Illithiobat stands about 3 feet tall with a 7' wing spand. It's rubbery skin looks more like a wet latex suit then true skin. It "sweats" a slick oily substance from tiny pores a everwhere but the wings. These wings almost look more like thin sheets of freshly skinned drow flesh stretched over a frame to dry. With enough room to move and turn the Illithiobat can spy on intruders with out them even knowing it is there. Then if it can somehow isolate what it thinks is the leader it can swope down and use it's sonic scream to stun them and then attach itself and start draining its mind. Mind Flayers always use the Illithiobats as a team of two. In this way if one is killed by a sneak attack the other can warn its masters.

Illithiobats like to swope low over it's victim and stun it with it's sonic scream. Once the target is on the ground it lands on them and uses it's tentacles to start draining it's mind and transmitting the thoughts and memories to it's master.
Attach(Ex): Once the Illithiobat hits with all four tentacles it attachs and its AC becomes 11. It automatically hit with its two claw attacks once per round after that.
Sonic scream(Su): The sonic scream of the Illithiobat stuns its victim. The scream is in the form of a cone that is 30' wide and 60' long. Anyone caught in the cone must make a Fort save DC 17 or be stunned for 1d4+1 rounds.
Improved Grab(Ex): To use this ability, the Illithiobat must hit a creature with its tentacle attack. If it gets a hold it attachs the tentacle to the targets head. After a successful grab the Illithiobat can attach its remaining tentacles with a single grapple attack.
If the target is able to move it can try to get away with a single successful grapple or escape artist check. But the Illithiobat get a +1 circumstance bonus for every tentacle attached to the target at the begining of the targets turn.
Ability Drain:(Su) Once the Illithiobat is attached it drains one point of Intelligence per round that at least 2 tentacles are attached.
Limited Telepathy:(Su) The Illithiobat can comunicate with its master for a range of 4 miles. It is unknown if it can comunicate with other Mind Flayers.
Light Sensitivity(Ex): The Illithiobat can't see well in bright light (10' limit) and suffers a -5 to control rolls for as long as it is in the light