The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters


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By planeshifter


Medium-sized Elemental

Hit Dice: 2d8+4 (31 hp)

Initiative: +8 (Dex)

Speed: 60 ft

AC: 9 (+4 Dex, +1 Natural)

Attacks: 2 Claws +9 Melee

Damage: Claw 2d8+3

Face: 5 ft. by 5 ft./ 5ft.

Special Attacks:

Special Qualities: Blood Flow, Psionics, +10 Acid Resistance, Minor Regeneration

Saves: Fort:3 Will:10 Ref:2

Abilities: Str:19 Dex:22 Con:8 Int:12 Wis:14 Chr:9

Skills: Balance +9, Concentration +10, Hide +11, Move Silently +12, Jump +10, Tumble +10

Feats: Deep Impact, Dodge, Mental Leaps, Up The Walls

Climate: Any land and underground

Organization: Solitary

CR: 7

Treasure: None

Alignment: Always neutral evil

Advancement: 8-12 HD (Medium-Size) 13-19 HD (Large)

Psibleeds are a disgusting sight to behold. They appear as a tall 7 to 9 ft humanoids who have featurless faces and red evershifting skin. The reason for there continuous (but very stable) morphing bodys is that they are primarily composed of blood. There are many theorys to their origins. Some say a very powerful but evil psionicist made them, others say they are psionic creatures from the one of the evil planes of existence, others have even suggested they have their own demiplane of blood. Whatever their origins, no one can doubt the frightening verocity and speed of these creatures. Despite their evil nature they rarely attack unless provoked. They have to spill blood of living things in order to feed. The unusual thing being that they dont actually drink the blood, as long as they have committed violence they live on. They normally live on their own, but on occassions they are in the thrall of powerful evil psionic beings, like mind flayers. Psibleeds speak their own language and common but dont often speak unless absolutely neccessary.

They are ussually disturbingly quiet and unactive, just shuffling around quietly observing anything that happens to walk by. But if provoked they have no concept of mercy or compassion. When this happens they suddenly leap out of their seemingly slothful nature and expose their huge 3 ft long bladelike claws. They can run at speeds up to 90 mh if extremely determined and leap as far as 35 ft into the air from a single bound. If they are destroyed, they simply burst into a mere pool of blood.
Psionics(Sp): At Will-Burst, Expansion, Far Puch, Greater Concussion, Sense Psionics, Vigor.These powers are mannifested as if by a 16th- leval psion. Attack/Defense Modes (Sp):At Will- Ego Whip, Psychic Crush/Mental Barrier.
Minor Regeneration (Ex): Bludgeoning weapons and acid (+10 acid resistance) deal normal damage. A Psibleed that loses part of its body mass can regrow it in 2d6 minutes. It cannot regenerate instantly by holding the severed limb against the body mass.
Blood Flow (Su): A Psibleed can use this attack once per 1d6 minutes. The Psibleed can cuase wounds to open up over the subject. This causes 1d4 damage per round this subject is affected. Every round the subject can attempt to make a fortidude save (DC 10) and the bleeding will stop. The psibleed can still attack other players but it cannot use any Psionics for the duration. It may only use this ability on one player at a time. The Psibleed cannot swap its target until it makes a successeful fortitude save or dies.