The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters


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By Agun_de_Merak

large aberration
Hit Dice : 12d8+72+15
Initiative : +6 (+2 dex, +4 improved initiative)
Speed : 40 ft
AC : 11(+2 dex, -1 size)
Attacks : 4 pseudopodes + 11
Damage : pseudopodes 1d10+2
Face/reach : 10 ft by 10ft/10ft
Special attacks : mind blast, improved grab, engulf, extract, psionics.
Special qualities : psychic perturbation, ooze qualities, fast healing 4, SR 25, telepathy, sticky
Saves : fort +10 , ref +6, will +10,
Abilities : str 14, dex 15, con 22, int 12, wis 14, cha 1
Skills : listen +17, spot +17, wilderness lore, +17, jump +3
Feats : improved initiative, combat reflexes, weapon focus (pseudopod), track
Climate/terrain : subteranean
Organization : solitary
Challenge rating : 12
Treasure : standard
Alignment : usually neutral evil
Advancement : 13-24 hit dice (large) 25-36 hit dice (huge)

Sometimes illithid tadpole are eaten by a ooze, and a strange reaction had been observed, the beggin to in the space of one hour, his protoplasm seems to become composed of brain tissues and the ooze begin to take nourishment of brain matter only. Just after the mutation came a time of feeding frenzy where the ooze eat all possible grey matter except illithids one, after that the thing beggin to devellop mental capacity as well as powerfull psionics powers at this this time a new olorathea is born. It seems that the brain is a new speecies of monster that uneard of until recently, this aded to the fact the olorathea never attack illithid, seem to say that are a creation of the illithid by manipulating (magiccaly or psionnically) some of their tadpole ceremorphosis system to react the ooze oragnism. The fact is that brain ooze are found near illithid city only, guarding their tunnel. Brain ooze when not moving look an hemisphere 5ft hign on the center that look like a brain but usually they are moving and changing.

Olorathea are intelligent advresaries using at best their fearsome capacities, in general they use their psionics capacity to approch her prey hidden and engage physically in combat, only at this moment they use her mind blast on their opponnent all already weakened by her psychic perturbation aura.
Mind blast (Sp): same as illithid capacity except as follow, the is a burst centered on the brain ooze, and the radius is 30 ft. And does not function on illithids
Improved grab (Ex): if the olorathea hit with a pseudopod on a victim of up to one size bigger than himself he can freely enter in a grapple, if he get a hold he immediatly try to engulf the victim.
Engulf (Ex): olorathea automatically try to engulf a grappled victim, if the olorathea win a grapple check the victim is engulfed, the head of the victim is put in the ooze body.
Extract (Ex): if a victim is engulfed at the beginning of the oloratheas turn, his brain is extracted autommaticly killing the victim.
Psionics (Sp): detect tought, levitate, invisibility, silence (all at 8th caster level, with a dc of 5 + spell level)
Psychics perturbation (Su): the boiling mental activities in the ooze body pertbate all mind near them except for other illithids, all will save in the aura as 2 penalty and all spellcasting or manifestation attempt need a concentration check and all concentration check made in the aura are made with with a 10 penalty.
Ooze like qualities: the brain ooze have all the caracteristics of an ooze, immune to flanking, critical hits and mind influencing effect(except for those made by mind flayer) and they have bonus hit point lik a ooze and blind sight ability.
Telepathy (Su): brain ooze can communicate with any mind flayer in a 100ft radius
Sticky (Ex): oloathea are sticky and can move on wall and roof without any climb check.