The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters


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By Pyromancer

Tiny Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 1d10 (9 hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 10 feet
AC: 18 (+2 size, +6 natural)
Attacks: None
Damage: None
Face/Reach: 2 1/2' x 2 1/2' /2 1/2 ft
Special Attacks: Psionics, Telepathy
Special Qualities: Combine Powers, Immune to Critical Hits
Saves: Fort +6, Ref +2, Will +0
Abilities: Str 6, Dex 10, Con 18, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 9
Skills: Psicraft +5, Autohypnosis +4, Stabilize Self +8, Spot +4, Listen +4, Concentration +8, Search +5
Feats: Power Focus (Discipline based on color)
Climate/Terrain: Any Underground
Organization: Solitary, Trio, Pod (3d4 Individuals or Trios), Cluster (3d6 Pods or Trios), or Hive (3d8 Clusters or Pods)
Challenge Rating: 1/2
Treasure: No Coins, Double Goods (Gems Only), 50% Items (Psionic Only)
Alignment: Always Neutral (Any except Neutral Good)
Advancement: 2-4 hit dice: Tiny, 5-8 hit dice: Small, 9-10 hit dice: Medium

Gnass'Ti (G is silent, a is pronounced as in 'f'ather, i is pronounced as a long e) are a race of sentient crystals, animated and given sentience by the "bleed" of psionic energy from items and manifesters out into the world, such as when energy is used inefficiently. This energy is naturally drawn toward crystal veins, and in crystal veins where the "pool" is strong enough, Gnass'Ti (singluar and plural) are created. Little is understood of their strange culture. Gnass'Ti congregate in threes, all of different colors. The Colors seem to correspond to psionic disciplines. Yellow is Psychometabolism, Blue is Psychoportation, Purple is Psychokineses, Red is Metacreativity, Green is Clairsentience, Transparent (slight blue tint) is Telepathy, each gaining +2 to the main ability score for their discipline. They come shaped like an eight-faced pyramid, cut off before the tip, about a foot high, four inches across on the small eight-sided face, and six on the large face. They slide along the ground at a speed of 10 feet, and their Trios have complicated rules of grouping, which will be outlined below:
          Yellow  Blue  Purple  Red  Green  Trans
Yellow No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Blue Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Purple Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Red No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Green Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Trans Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

A Trio is only valid if every member has a "Yes" on the chart for both other members. This means the following Trios are possible:
Yellow - Purple - Transparent
Yellow - Purple - Green
Yellow - Blue - Purple
Yellow - Blue - Green
Blue - Red - Green
Blue - Transparent - Red
Purple - Red - Green

The rolled numbers for numbers of groups (Pods, Clusters, Hives) should have a random percent (roll 1d%, divide by 2, and add 25) split between the two they should be split into. The individuals in pods should not be able to form a trio with any other members of the pod. Very little is known about the Gnass'Ti, besides their strange psychic powers, and that they are suprisingly able to twist and alter their shapes for crystal beings (think animate clay, except has to remain in roughly its original shape, but can bend, squish, stretch, etc). Gnass'Ti do not speak, but communicate telepathically. They understand Common, Terran, and one other language.

Gnass'Ti are skilled tacticians, and use the abilities of every member of the Trio to gain any tactical advantage, and do not hesitate to summon aid. The unwary fighting a lone Gnass'Ti may find themselves surrounded by an entire pod, cluster, or even a hive. The Gnass, as they are sometimes known, do not hesitate to drive those who would harm their kin, or attempt to steal gems, out of their territory, minus a few gems. An outsider who kills a Gnass will be killed on entry to Gnass territory, or even hunted if the hive is evil.
Psionics (sp): A Gnass'Ti knows one power of the discipline associated with its color, at a level of hit dice-1. Manifester level equals twice hit dice - 1, and the power can be manifested at will. They recieve the attack mode associated with the same attribute as their discipline, as well as Empty Mind. Purple Gnass'Ti recieve Tower of Iron Will instead of an attack mode. These attack modes can be manifester once per a number of rounds equal to their PP cost.
Telepathy (su): Communicate with any creature that has a language within 60 feet.
Combine Powers (su): All Gnass'Ti within ten feet of a Gnass that knows a power are able to manifest that power. This increases to fifteen feet if the Gnass are of types that can join in a trio or are of the same type, and thirty feet for those within a trio. Further, if the provider of a power manifests that power on itself, all Gnass'Ti within the range for using that ability have it working on them (The provider of the power is the one with it selected. This does not apply for those drawing the power from another). This ability can be suppressed or resumed, toward specific Gnass'Ti or in general, as a free action, useable out of turn if so desired. Using a power of another Gnass has no effect on that Gnass'Ti, although they are aware of its use.
Immune to Critical Hits (ex): Gnass'Ti are immune to critical hits, sneak attacks, etc.

Gnass'Ti live in small hive-cities, underground. The architecture there can be baffling to nonnatives, as it fully takes into account the ability of Gnass to share powers. Gnass'Ti Trios are always of equal hit dice, and gain one hit die per year. A Gnass cannot join two Gnass of hit dice different from it into a Trio, and joining a trio requires spending eight hours within five feet, and focusing on joining the trio. A Gnass Trio of at least five hit dice may produce one young Gnass of a random color per 1d4 months, although this fuses 10,000 GP in gems, including at least one gem of every Gnass'Ti color into the young Gnass'Ti.