The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters


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By planeshifter


Medium-sized Monstrous humanoid

Hit Dice: 1d12+8 (23 hp)

Initiative: +5 (Dex)

Speed: 40 ft.

AC: 19 (-1 size, +5 breastplate)

Attacks: Masterwork greatsword +3 melee; or 2 claw attacks +5 melee

Damage: Greatsword 2d8+3; or claw 1d4+2

Face: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks:

Special Qualities: Psionics, Xaothoid traits

Saves: Fort:+7 Will:+2 Ref:+5

Abilities: Str:15 Dex:12 Con:14 Int:13 Wis:17 Chr:12

Skills: Intimidate +2, Jump +2, Sense Motive +2, Swim +2

Feats: Great Fortitude

Climate: Any land and underground

Organization: Gang (2-4 Psions or Psychic Warriors), Pack (10-25 Psions or Psychic Warriors), tribe (50-100 plus 1

CR: 1

Treasure: Standard

Alignment: Always Chaotic(any)

Advancement: By character class

The Xaothoids originated from the pseudonatural dimension. They are believed to be a crossbreed between pseudonatural creatures and various humanoids. Over years of interbreeding has produced one of the most diverse chaotic races imaginable. Explaining their physical appearance can be difficult. They can appear very normal, and quite attractive with only a slight hint to their origins wicth includes strange coloured eyes, strange patterns on skin, unussually thin bodys, anything really. Sometimes the hints are more obvious with tentacles on the Xaothoids face, horns on the head, spines protruding from their backs and many other chaotic growths. In most cases however they appear completly unearthly with to anything they may have once of been. They have multicoloured bodys, huge spiked tentacles for arms, arms instead of legs, their heads replaced by a giant eyeball, multi-faceted faces, anything that goes beyond most mortals imagination. Despite these strange appearances, they are not outsiders to the material plane (not any more anyway). The only consistency within their physical appearance is that they are humanoids, and even then only in the most literate terms. They are an intelligent people with as much diversity (if not more) and culture as humans, elfs or any of the other races. They speak whatever languages their humanoid non-pseudonatural ancestors spoke, although they all know common. For example a Xaothoid whose ancestors were Dwarfs, she would speak dwarven. The stats are the same for all humanoid xaothoids. Xaothoids live for about 500 years because of their far realm blood.

Due to their huge diversity and naturally occuring chaotic nature, they all have their own style of combat. If your going to take one as a character you will to determine his/her style. If you are fighting against them, the DM will determine their ways.
Psionics(Sp): At Will-Conceal thoughts, Levitate. These abilities are as the powers mannifested by a 16th leval psion. Attack/Defense modes(Sp): at will-all/all
Xaothoid Traits (Ex): Xaothoids benefit from a number of racial traits.
*Exotic weaponry proficency, regardless of class.
*+5 racial bonus to acid and electricity resistance checks.
*+Darkvision, has a vision range of 60 ft in dark conditions
*+2 racial bonus to Intimidate, Sense motive, jump and swim checks.

Xaothoids mingle into every culture, every moral and ethical code and every niche of humanoid society. The only difficulty they have with it is law. Xaothoids rarely have the patience, want or the logic to want to be in a lawful society. Most xaothoids become adventurers, merchants or anything else where they can make their own way. Most adventuring partys are not averse to having them on the team due to their natural psionic powers and energy resistances. However Xaothoids represent all forms of chaos. Chaotic Neutral Xaothoids keep themselvese to themselves, very independant and solitary. They are no means boring dull people, they just dislike involving themselves with the worlds problems. They ussually become self studying psions. Chaotic good Xaothoids are vindicators and justicars, seeking to stop injustice not with the law, but with their blades. They can be quite violent, but will not take somebody elses life unless they have. They often feel remorse for even killing truly evil, but this is just self-induced guilt because they love freedom and life. They ussually become psychic warriors. Only very rarely however, you may find a dreaded version of these free minded beings. Chaotic evil Xaothoids are pure representatives of this alignment. They'll try anything they can to enjoy their long, sick minded lifes. They kill for sheer love of bloodlust, rape out of sick minded lust and think only of themselves. They rarely carry any dogmas on their conscience. However some are more cunning, tricking and befriending good people to fool them out of their wealth and victorys, stabbing them in the back if things go wrong.

Xaothoids due to their chaotic nature can be found in any class. Under no circumstances may they be in a monk or a paladin or worship a lawful god. Most take the psion or psychic warrior classes.