The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters


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By Read my glowing, claw-like finger

Tiny Aberration

HD: 1/2d8(2hp)
Initiative: +1 (dex)
Speed: Fly 20ft (average)
AC:14 (+2 size, +1 dex, +1 natural)
Attacks: Bite, Eye beams
Damage: Bite 1d2-1
Face/Reach: 1 ft by 1 ft/ 0ft
Special Attacks: Eye Beams
Special Qualities: Buoyancy, Cuteness, Increased vision
Saves: Fort+0, Ref+1, Will+3
Abilities: Str8, Dex12, Con11, Int14, Wis12, Cha 12
Feats: Iron Will, Natural Spell
Skills: Diplomacy+10,Knowledge(arcana)+5,Knowled
ge(art)+5 Bluff+7, Hide+5, Search+4, spot+3, appraise+3, profession(architect)+2, craft(pottery)+8
Climate/Terrain:Any land or underground
CR: 1
Alignment: Often Chaotic Good
Treasure: Double art, 50% coins, standard gems, triple pottery, no goods
Advancement: baby (diminutive) adult (tiny) 1 (small)
Nanobeholders are a much smaller, weaker, and cuter variety of beholders. They look like a very tiny beholder with three eyestalks, and one proportionally enormous central eye. They generally act friendly and are non aggressive, however there are many exceptions.
Most evil nanobeholders are lawful evil, acting through manipulation and avoiding harm through their cute and innocent appearance. Often an evil nanobeholder seeking to harm a party will hire a cohort to stage a fake attack on it so that it can be rescued and endear itself to the party.  The one thing nanobeholders fear above all else, regardless of alignment, is normal beholders. Normal beholders are immune to the nanobeholders cuteness effect and view it as a very weak abomination deserving to be disintegrated without a second thought. When a nanobeholder encounters a normal beholder it will charm the nearest person into protecting it and then fly away crying like a frightened little girl.
Increased vision(natural ability): A nanobeholders three eye stalks grant it a +1 racial bonus on spot and search checks. Whenever attacked from behind it has a 25% chance of not being flanked.
Buoyancy (ex): A nanobeholder has an air filled-sac that makes it naturally fly at 20ft (average) as if under the spell Fly and also acts as a permanent feather fall.
Eye beams (su): A nanobeholder has several eye beam attacks
Left eyestalk: As ray of frost
Middle eyestalk: As left eyestalk except dealing1d3 electric damage
Right eyestalk: As left eyestalk except 1d3 fire damage
Central Eye: Ray of Charm Person
All eyestalks can use a ray of mage hand.
Cuteness (su): A nanobeholder is supernaturally cute. Any hostile, unfriendly, or indifferent creature that is within 30ft of the nanobeholder must make a will save (dc: 15) upon entering seeing the beholder or become one level friendlier towards it. They suffer a 2 circumstantial penalty to the save if the nanobeholder is crying. This does not affect other nanobeholders, beholders, or beholder-kin. A creature that succeeds at its save is immune to the cuteness for one day.
Intense Cuteness (su): As intense cuteness, only the save dc is 18.
Baby Nanobeholder
Diminutive Aberration

HD: 1/4d8 (1hp)
Initiative: +0
AC: 14 (+4 size)
Speed: Fly 10ft (average)
Attacks: Eye ray
Face/Reach: 1ft by 1ft/ 0ft
Special Attacks: Eye ray
Special Qualities: Buoyancy, Intense Cuteness
Saves: Fort+0, Ref+0, Will+1
Abilities: Str3, Dex11, Con10, Int4, Wis8, Cha 10
Feats: Iron Will
CR: 1/8

Baby nanobeholders look like the adults except that they are about the size of a clenched fist and they have no eyestalks.
Baby nanobeholders, if attacked, will use their eye ray on the opponent to slow them down and then flee crying and terrified.
Intense Cuteness (Ex): As intense cuteness, only the save dc is 18.
Buoyancy (Ex): A baby nanobeholder has an air filled-sac that makes it naturally fly at 10ft (average) as if under the spell Fly and also acts as a permanent feather fall.
Eye ray (Su): Once every three rounds, a baby nanobeholder can fire an eye ray of daze from its central eye.
Nanobeholders live in little underground ant hole-like colonies. These caverns are branching series of tunnels with many sharp vertical drops leading to various large chambers. The tunnels are almost impossible for a character any larger than small to fit through. The chambers are usually based on their different purposes, a chamber for storing food in, various waste chambers, a sleeping chamber for each nanobeholder, a nursery chamber where babies and eggs are kept, Etcetera. They carve these tunnels out by freezing sections of ground with their ice rays, cracking them with their heat rays, and moving the chunks of frozen dirt out of the way with their telekinesis. They target dirt with telekinesis only for the finer details. Nanobeholders generally appreciate fine art and are greatly skilled at making pottery. They usually will shape clay perfectly with their mage hand beams and then use their heat rays to fire it. Nanobeholders retain a self valuing essence of their greater kin and hate the idea of being a famliliar or pet. If asked to be a familiar they will be extremely offended, good aligned ones will curse in anger and leave steaming, neutral ones will yell and then fire a warning eye beam, evil ones will often lose control and attack. If a diplomacy check is attempted to convince one to be a familiar, companion, etcetera, then the dc is 10 higher than it would normally be.