The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters


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By Insanity

Fine Magical Beast
Hit Dice: d10 (1 hp)
Initiative: +11 (Dex, Improved Initiative)
Speed: 20 ft, burrow 5 ft, climb 10 ft
AC: 25 (+8 size, +7 dex)
Attacks: bite +16 melee
Damage: bite 1d2-5 plus calm emotions
Face/Reach: ft by ft / 0 ft
Special Attacks: Grease, Collective Mind
Special Qualities: Regeneration 1, Blinding Dodge
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +11, Will +3
Abilities: Str 1, Dex 24, Con 11, Int 4, Wis 12, Cha 11
Skills: Climb +3*, Hide +25*, Listen +7*, Move Silently +9, Spot +7*
Feats: Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Weapon Finesse (bite)
Climate/Terrain: any warm or temperate forest
Organization: solitary or bunch (2-5)
Challenge Rating: 2
Treasure: standard, coins, gems and art (only if bright, shiny and small)
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: -2 HD (Fine)

Tikapiks (teak-a-peeks) are tiny woodland creatures, similar in size and appearance to chipmunks and ground squirrels. They have notably large brown eyes and tufted ears, giving them a cute appearance to some races. Sometimes, elven folk have befriended one enough that it can be fed by hand. Tikapiks are not particularly territorial toward each other and often assist each other in fending off other woodland competition.
They are covered in soft, thick fur and sport a bushy tail. Their coloring and markings are typically a mix of brown, gray, black and reddish brown with both stripes and spots. The belly and feet are white. Tikapiks are always active and alert, keeping their eyes and ears open for danger while foraging for food. They feed on nuts, seeds and the occasional insect. They will collect and store nuts and seeds in their nests, which are dug into the earth and can stretch 20 feet or more beneath the ground.
A unique habit of the tikapik is that it will plant some of the various seeds or nuts it has stored in its nest after a portion of the forest has been destroyed, such as after a forest fire. Tikapiks are intensely curious creatures and are particularly attracted to small, bright and shiny objects such as coins or gems. They will attempt to snatch these from adventurers who past through the forests, and tuck them away in their nests.
Though they can not speak, they are apparently able to communicate with each other with a series of chirps, chatters and squeaks, that seems to be a rudimentary language. In reality, they have a collective mind that enables them to share each other's awareness and coordinate their actions.

Despite their size, tikapiks do not shun combat, due to their regeneration. Still, they usually do not attack except for when they are caught, but rather sprint around the opponents, dodging their blows and using its grease ability. If any bright, shiny objects are unattended, the tikapik will attempt to grab them in its mouth, even during the midst of a fight. Once its cheek pouches are full, the tikapik will return to its nest, if pursued, it uses more grease. When they do bite, their bites somehow have the ability to place attackers at ease.
Clam Emotions (Su): As per the spell cast by a 1st level cleric, the Will save DC is 11.
Grease (Sp): Usable once per round, as the spell cast by a 2nd level sorcerer.
Collective Mind (Ex): All tikapiks within 100 feet are aware of each other exact locations and thoughts. Although complex and direct communication is not possible, each tikapik is aware of another's actions and awareness. If one is aware of a particular danger, all are. If one of them is not flat-footed, none of them are. No tikapik in a group is flanked unless all of them are.
Blinding Dodge (Ex): The tikapik is quite adept at avoiding physical attacks. Any physical attacks that would normally hit a tikapik, the tikapik is allowed a Reflex save versus the opponent's attack roll. Success means that the tikapik has avoided being hit.
Regeneration (Ex): Bane versus magical beasts weapons deal normal damage to tikapiks. A tikapik that loses a limb or body part can reattach it instantly by holding the severed member to the stump. Lost portions regrow in 1d3 days (the lost portion dies and decays normally).
Skills: *Tikapiks receive a +8 racial bonus to Climb checks as well as a +16 size bonus to Hide checks and a +4 racial bonus to Listen and Spot checks.
Feats: Tikapiks receive the Improved Initiative and Weapon Finesse feats as bonus feats.