The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters
Grasping Cluster


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By R.M.G.C.L.F.

Grasping Cluster
Medium Outsider (extraplanar)

HD:3d8+9 (22hp)
Initiative:+1 (dex)
Speed: 30ft
AC:18 (+4 natural,+3 dodge,+1 dex)
Attacks: 9 tentacles+4 melee
Damage: Tentacle 2
Special Attacks: Constrict, Spacial Distortion, improved grab
Special Qualities: Regeneration 1, incoherent form, alien mind
Saves: Fort+6, Ref+4, Will+2
Skills: Knowledge(the planes)+6, Knowledge(arcana)+3, Spot+4, Listen+0, Search+3, escape artist+2
Feats: Deflect arrows
Climate/Terrain: Any Land or underground
Organization: Solitary, cluster(2-5), or confusion(3-6 plus any number of pseudonatural creatures)
Treasure: Standard
Aligment: Any
Advancement*: 4-5hd(medium), 6-8hd(large)
 Grasping clusters resemble a swarm of writhing dark green tentacles. The most peculiar thing about this is that the tentacles do not appear to be connected to each other, seeming to extend from some invisible portal. They often pull into thin air, only to stick out somewhere else. Many tentacles are attached to what looks like a small chunk of gnarled flesh, possibly with a beetle-like eye or a small oraface of unknown function. Grasping clusters are strange entities that hail from the far realm and defy the normal rules of spacial relation. Despite their appearance every part of them is in fact fully intact and connected through spacial twists. Despite their foreign nature and bizzare form grasping clusters have equal tenancy towards all alignments. Grasping clusters speak Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, and blink dog.
Improved grab(ex): A grasping cluster can automatically grapple a creature it hits with a successful tentacle attack. A tentacle has an effective AC of 17 and can be severed by dealing 2 points of slashing damage to it.
Constrict (natural ability): When a grasping cluster succesfully grapples an opponent with at least three tentacles, each tentacle grappling that creature makes an automatic tentacle attack each round.
Spacial Distortion(su): Once per day a grasping cluster can manipulate the planar connections of the surrounding area to its advantage, causing all opponents within 30ft to suffer a -1 circumstantial penalty to melee attack rolls, a -2 circumstantial penalty to ranged attack rolls, and reducing their movement speed by 5ft if it is higher than 5ft. The grasping cluster also gains a +1 circumstantual bonus to its attack rolls. This effect lasts for 1d12 rounds.
Regeneration 1(ex): Grasping clusters take normal damage from acid, force, and electricity.
Incoherent form(ex): Grasping clusters are 5th dimensionally twisted, making them appear to be a group of randomly separated body parts. As a result they cannot be flanked, they get a dodge bonus to AC equal to 3 times their dexterity modifier, and each time they are attacked they have a 25% chance to ignore any slashing damage from that attack if the attacker does not also have incoherent form. Any creature within it's reach is automatically flanked. Grasping clusters get a reflex save (by the normal rules for saving throws against spells) to ignore damage from the dislocation when teleported into a solid object.
Alien Mind(ex): Being native to the far realm grasping clusters are immune to confusion, insanity, and insanity effects. They get a -4 penalty to sense motive, read lips, and innuendo checks made when interacting with non far realm creatures, but gain a +4 bonus to bluff checks against non far realm creatures. Language dependant effects they use on non far realm creatures suffer a -3 penalty to the dc, but they gain a +3 bonus to saving throws against language dependant effect from non far realm creatures.
Skills: Grasping clusters recieve a +4 racial bonus to spot and search checks, a +3 racial bonus to knowledge (the planes) checks, and a +5 racial bonus to escape artist checks.*Grasping clusters gain two additional tentacle attacks for each HD increased.