The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters
Graveyard Guardian


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By R.M.G.C.L.F.

Graveyard guardian
Medium Undead

Hit Dice:5d12(30hp)
Initiative: +3(dex)
Speed:40ft,Fly 80ft (good)
AC:17(+3 dex,+4 deflection)
Attacks:Incorporeal touch+4 melee
Damage:Incorpereal touch 2d6 electricity and fear
Face/Reach: 5ft/5ft
Special Attacks:Screams of the defiled, vengeful storm, Blood of souls disturbed,Speak with dead
Special Qualities:Undead,Incorporeal,+7 turn resistance, Aura of spiritual protection
Skills:Intimidate+17, Spot+11, Diplomacy+14, Listen+11
Feats:Iron Will
Climate/Terrain: Any graveyard, mousolium, or other burial site
Challenge Rating:5
Alignment:Always Neutral Good
A graveyard guardian is a manifestation of the spirit of the first person who was buried in a graveyard. Graveyard guardians appear as chilling apperitions of faceless robed figures surrounded by swirling darkness. Despite their terrifying appearance graveyard guardians are pure good and exist only to protect the cemetary residents and their souls from being disturbed, violated, or harmed in any way. Normally a graveyard guardian is mild tempered and benevolent, but any attempt to defile the cemetary residents throws it into an almost insane rage. Graveyard guardians usually keep out evil undead, particularly ghouls which they destroy on sight. A graveyard guardian will only allow some one to animate a body in its burial are if the body's soul gives the animator persmission via speak with dead.
Screams of the defiled(su):Once per day a graveyard guardian can call upon the voices of all the spirits buried within the area it guards to curse the name of the one who disturbs their eternal rest, dealing 5d4 sonic damage to the intruder plus a number of damage equal to the number of corpses residing in the place of burial.
Vengful storm(sp):Once per day a graveyard guardian can invoke a swirling cloud of spiritual wrath upon the fool who dares break the sanctity of this holy place. This storm lasts for 5d8 rounds and releases a bolt of lightening at the intuder dealing 3d6 electricity damage plus 5 holy damage, reflex save dc 19 negates.
Blood of souls disturbed(su):Once per day a graveyard guardian can cause a river of blood to spring forth from the soil and magically wash away at the offending party's flesh dealing 5d10 acid damage. The target can half the damage with a succesful reflex save (dc:18) and negate the damage if they beat the dc by at least 4.
Speak with dead(sp):At will as cast by a 17th level necromancer.
Aura of spiritual protection(su):Creatures within a graveyard guardian's protected area cannot be affected by create spawn abilities.