The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters


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By Simeon38X

Large Magical Beast (chaos)

Hit Dice: 7d12+7 (87 hp)
Initiative: +4 (+4 Dex)
Speed: 60 ft. brachiation 50 ft.
AC: 15 (-1 size, +2 natural, +3 deflection)
Attacks: Bite +5 melee, 3 claws +3 melee
Damage: Bite 1d8+1, claw 1d4+1
Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Psionics, spell-like abilities, visceral syndrome
Special Qualities: SR 15, DR 8/+1
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +5
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 15, Cha 14
Skills: Balance +17, Jump +9, Knowledge (arcane) +10
Feats: Deflect Arrows (B), Dodge, Mobility, Run, Spring Attack
Climate/Terrain: Any land and underground (Far Realm)
Organization: Solitary, pair or pack (3-8)
Challenge Rating: 8
Treasure: Double standard magic items
Alignment: Usually chaotic neutral
Advancement: By character class

Pronounced Kee-zay-o-pa-karl-ah, Ka-zou-Pkal-hla are a bizarre race from the rare edges of the far realm that have portals that connect to the Abyss. Ka-zou-Pkal-hla are often seem savage, yet strangely enough they are intellectual and deeply philosophical beings, with vast minds full of forbidden knowledge. Despite their obviously high evolutionary stage, they are seemingly sadistic and cruel beings. However to further emphasize their alien mindset Ka-zou-Pkal-hla are not technically speaking evil, many just happen to suffer from a bizarre mind-syndrome. This mind-syndrome just makes them fascinated with the visceral and gory patterns that humanoids often produce when sluaghtered. Infact this syndrome makes them believe that what they are doing isn't wrong at all, and they dont actually notice that they've just killed someone. Why they suffer from this is unknown, perhaps it was cosmic arcane or psionic experiment gone awry, or perhaps its a sick and unmoral joke placed on them by a Cthulhian mind. They can learn to overcome this unnatural urge, but only until they've had a sudden feeling of repulsion to violence, an emotion which rarely occurs by the Nightmare realms own inhabitants.
Ka-zou-Pkal-hla are a head taller than most Humans, yet slightly lighter. If their mind-set is bizarre than their anatomys even more mind-shattering. They appear as a humanoid ribcage and pelvis. The resemblance ends there. Located randomly around the pelvis are three thick-set digi-grade leg bones and three-toed taloned bony paws. They have no arms, but they do have a long shaft of sapphire jut-set through their rib-cage. To top of their law-defying appearance, in constrast of their skeletal forms, they have rough-furred feral canine heads who have a cowl of red porcupine like spines, and of cause fiery, glowing eyes. Ka-zou-Pkal-hla can live indefinately unless killed.
They speak Common, Draconic and Abyssal.

Ka-zou-Pkal-hla rely on their sheer alacrity and ferocious predatory power to get them through a fight. If outnumbered, it tends to show ups its magical nature.
Visceral Syndrome (Ex): Even Ka-zou-Pkal-hla cured of the syndrome, they still suffer from an urge of animosity from time to time. If a Ka-zou-Pkal-hla cause's a critical with its shaft attack must make a Will save (DC 16) or will be forced to take following changes for the duration of 5 rounds. AC -2, BaB +2.
Spell-like abilities (Sp): At will-blindness/deafness, cats grace, cause fear, disrupt undead and resistance. 3/day-dispel magic, hold person, fireball. These are as cast by a 5th level Wizard.
Psionics (Sp): At will- destiny dissonance, expanded vision and stomp. These powers are as mannifested by a 5th level Psion.
attack/defense modes: ego whip/empty mind, mental barrier.

Ka-zou-Pkal-hla spend most of their time philosophizing and talking to one another about their role in the multiverse. Ka-zou-Pkal-hla worship a bizarre Cthulian god named Mu-vrg-Upei-xe (Moo-va-rog-yoo-pay-zee) who appears as a huge cyan colored feather-less bird with a mass of spined-tentacles instead of a head and two nervous blood-shot eyes on each side of its body. He allows the Destruction, Knowledge and Magic domains.

A Ka-zou-Pkal-hla favored class is Sorceror. A Ka-zou-Pkal-hla PC effective character level (ECL) is equal to its class level + 10. Thus a 1st-level Ka-zou-Pkal-hla Sorceror has an ECL of 11, and is the equivelant of an 11th level character.