The Beastmaster - 3e custom monsters


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By R.M.G.C.L.F.

Small Abberation

HD: 3d8+3 (15hp)
Initiative:+5(+1 dex,+4 improved initiative)
Speed: 20ft, swim 10ft, fly30ft perfect (supernatural flight)
AC: 21 (+1dex,+1 natural,+9 insight)
Attacks: 3 tentacle rake attacks+3 melee
Damage: Tentacle 1d4-1
Special Attacks: Shock
Special Qualities: Temporal Stretch, DR5/+1
Saves:Fort+1, Ref+2, Will+4
Skills: Spot+5, Listen+4, Search+5, knowledge(the planes)+3, knowledge(arcana)+3, knowledge(history)+7
Feats: Improved initiative, toughness
Climate/Terrain: Any
Alignment: Any
Organization: solitary, pair, or cluster (2-5)
CR: 2
Treasure: No coins, No goods, items only
Advancement: 6hd(medium), 9hd(large)
Trichronifics are strange being that exist not three places at once but three times at once. There anatomy reflects a motif of threes, with three tentacles on the front of the face, each containing a mouth under it and an eye above, as well as three long birdlike legs, a three finned shark-like tail, alll around a body resembling nothing so much as an enormus olive-green rasin. Trichronifics that enter combat usually have any variety of styles, but most will use their split forms to their best advantage. Because each form is the same creature at a different point in time, they always follow the actions of the first one.
Shock(ex): After hitting with all three tentacle attacks, a trichronific can release a bioelectric current dealing 1d12 damage.
Temporal Stretch(ex): Although small, a trichronific has greater temporal dimensions than a normal creature, allowing it to exist three times at once. Two subsequent forms which overlap with the original are exact copies that take the same actions it does but have initiative one lower than the previous. If the first one is caught flat footed the later ones cease being flat-footed. If one is killed, all previous ones die and all later ones will die after their next round. When attacking a target the creature gains an insight bonus equal to the number of previous forms that attacked the target that round +1 squared. For example, a trichronific goes up to tordek, hits with all three tentacles and fries him with a shock attack. The second one follows him on the same turn tordek has, and attacks him (making new attack rolls with a +4 insight bonus)while he attacks it, dealing enough damage to kill it. That one dies, the first one flickers away, and then next turn the third one goes up to tordek, attacks him (with a +9 insight bonus) and then dies.
Skills: Trichronifics recieve a +3 racial bonus to listen, spot, and search checks due to having three bodies through time. They also recieve a +1 racial bonus to spot and search checks from their three eyes (this stacks with the bonus for having three bodies). Due to their knowledge of space-time, trichronifics recieve a +2 racial bonus to knowledge(arcana), knowledge(the planes), and knowledge(history) checks.