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Augusti Tyrannis


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By Simeon38X

Medium-sized Outsider (evil)

Hit Dice: 6d8 (37 hp)
Initiative: +4 (Dex)
Speed: 50 ft., climb 40 ft.
AC: 15 (+2 natural, +2 deflection)
Attacks: 2 claws +4 melee, light crossbow +3 ranged; or kukri +4 melee
Damage: Claw 1d4 plus hell chill, light crossbow1d8; or kukri 1d4
Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Hell chill, sadist gaze
Special Qualities: Spell-like abilities, immunity to mind-affecting affects, immunity to piercing weapons, telepathy, fast healing 7
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +9, Will +4
Abilities: Str 11, Dex 18, Con 13, Int 15, Wis 11, Cha 19
Skills: Bluff +12, Disguise +10*, Escape Artist +9, Gather Information +5, Read Lips +7, Tumble +12
Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Skill Focus (disguise), Spring Attack
Climate/Terrain: Any cold land and underground
Organization: Solitary, pair, murmur (3-6) or whisper (8-12)
Challenge Rating: 6
Treasure: Double standard
Alignment: Usually chaotic evil
Advancement: By character class

Augusti Tyrannis are the one of the trickiest, deceitful and downright lewd races in the planes. They claim to originate from an elemental plane of lies, deceit and betrayl though many scholars agree that their true origins are carceri. Augusti Tyrannis claw their way through life at the expense and manipulation at others. They would much rather gain some wealth then kill anyone though, and those who deal with them do so at great risk, for they are likely to turn on their employers if someone offers a higher price.
Augusti Tyrannis can take on the form of any normal humanoid, and whilst on the material plane they often take on that form for their entire stay on the prime. Their real form is of that of a tall, guant humanoid with shadow-colored skin. They wear a twisted imitation of flamboyant sophisticate clothes, yet they are almost always black. They have long arms that reach all the way to their ankles and dark crimson hoofs instead of feet. Their strangest feature is their ram-like skull for a head, covered with blood-red patterns and empty eye-sockets that glow an eerie red light.
Augusti Tyrannis speak Common, Abyssal and Infernal.

Augusti Tyrannis use tricks and deceit in combat, as well as their impressive speed. They delights in attacking good creatures, but they wont willingly put themselves in danger.
Hell chill (Sp): When an Augusti Tyrannis attacks a good aligned opponent with either of its claw attacks, the opponent must make a Fort save (DC 17) or suffer from an additional 1d4 cold damage.
Sadist gaze (Su): Three times a day, an Augusti Tyrannis can use a gaze attack. The opponent must make a Will save (DC 16) or suffer 3d6+2 damage and 1 negative level.
Spell-like abilities (Sp): At will- change self 3/day-blindness/deafness, charm person, hypnotism and ventriloquism. 1/day-bestow curse, improved invisibility. These are as cast by a 15th level Bard.
Telepathy (Su): An Augusti Tyrannis can communicate with any creature within 500 ft. that speaks a language.
Skills: An Augusti Tyrannis gains a +15 bonus in disguise checks when using its spell-like ability change self.

Augusti Tyrannis usually make a living through unscrupulous or illegal means, like drug running, cat burgulary or even assassanation. However Augusti Tyrannis themselves have very complex personalitys. They are usually very lusty beings, practicing in all manner of explicit deviances. Despite this, many are romantic and seductive beings, and very-few take delight sadism. They often write dark and enchanting songs about their current passion, and their tastes range among many humanoids, especially Humans, Elfs and Halflings.

An Augusti Tyrannis favored class is Bard. An Augusti Tyrannis PC's ECL is equal to its class level +13; thus a 1st level Augusti Tyrannis Bard has an ECL of 14 and is the equivelant of a 14th level character.